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7 craft gift packaging

Apr 16, 2017

Production process gift box:

1, according to the requirements, design, culture, and the characteristics of the product, design pattern. 2, according to the drawings, proofing, sample making. Now the box look beautiful, so the production version of the color is all kinds of, usually a style gift box not only has 4 basic colors and color, such as gold and silver for the spot.

2, Handmade bamboo packaging, pure natural, novel design, durable, low carbon and environmental protection, can be widely used in fruit, mushrooms, eggs, food, pickled products such as agricultural and sideline products packaging.

3, selected cardboard, general gift boxes are cardboard cardboard or long cardboard to make. Upscale wine packaging and gift packaging carton. The thickness of cardboard 3mm-6mm using artificial mounted external decoration, bonding and molding.

4, printing, printing paper bag gift box is only the paper is not printed, most just because this is dyed, packaging boxes, so the printing process is very high, the most taboo color difference, ink, aesthetic shortcomings of rotten version of these effects.

5, surface treatment, gift bag paper usually do surface treatment, common is light glue, dumb rubber, too UV Light oil, oil, dumb.

6, beer, beer is very important in the printing process, must want to do must die, if not beer, beer, beer continuously which will affect the subsequent processing.

7, mounted, printed materials are usually mounted after the first beer, but this is the first beer after a flower is mounted, afraid of wrapping paper, gift box two is about the overall appearance, gift paper must be Handmade, it can reach a certain appearance.