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About visualtactile in packaging design

Apr 16, 2017

In the choice of goods consumption and identify the general environment, the bag pretends to be the first impression will often become nervous according to their. Packing with visual communication effect, can guide consumers to accurately identify goods, purchase of goods, so as to realize the packaging bring us convenience, as long as the precise application packaging visual communication effect to good to plan our own packaging, the packaging can better do our life. Packaging visual tactile sensation is caused by the texture of materials, packaging materials and packaging of the texture, its differences conveyed to the news we feel different and decisive.

1, visual

Any materials in the world are the differences between the material composition, material of different will have different tactile feel, texture. Texture probably can be divided into two types: visual and tactile. Visual is visualtactile we said. Visual and tactile reality is usually both confrontation and the same is true of the visual, tactile experience gives people a response. It is the image, in this premise, it will become a visual marker, this kind of mark is through the previous process to resume, and then after the compiler and transformed into a visual message, and then later on the touch occurred decisive direct effect.

Visual situation two, packing in the plan

The first visual situation is caused by the packaging material itself of material texture, so it can feel soft, sturdy, smooth, coarse and so on, through the process of packaging material texture visual tactile sense, sense of affinity between creation and consumption and hook gravity, at present many plans in this are all over the adoption; second is the further innovation in the first foundation, it not only consider to choose their own packaging materials, and packaging product texture factors, imitate plans in product packaging, so that consumers get the goods packaging and identification of cognition in the first time, the class identification is through visual packaging process to achieve.

Three, complete the visual means into the package plan

(1) in the commodity packing plan, the real material and texture used in packaging materials, like tea packaging, direct application of bamboo or pottery tea packaging plan. This kind of method is the most widely used method is more traditional way.

(2) the adoption of modeled way with other conventional packaging materials, such as paper, plastic, glass and other product characteristics or a modeled necessary texture to achieve visual and tactile real results, through the process of this plan to create a commercial message useful to consumers of visual communication.

(3) through the process of three-dimensional printing skills to imitate texture visual results, as in the packaging plan introduction to visual and touch point. Consumers at the end of the far view can be conveyed through the process of packaging of goods to obtain visual basic cognitive feeling, so this purchase of goods need to be decisive. For example, a box of candy box of printing is wove texture, it conveyed by the visual result is more gentle and warm, reached the expected results of the affinity packing. But it and the following two means differences, it has visual, and behind the two not only have a visual sense of touch, but also have a real sense of touch.