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Cosmetic box manufacturer

Sep 30, 2017

Cosmetic box manufacturer

With the charm of a brand of mobile phones from the local spirit of gold, people's aesthetic concept also changed, more favored for the golden silver, which many manufacturers of cosmetics box manufacturers brought business opportunities, because the cosmetic packaging is not Can follow the trend of the times is very important, especially the need for packaging factory or carton manufacturers to do so is even more so, then a long silence of gold and silver cardboard paper ushered in the peak period, but some gold and silver Cardboard in the manufacture of the use of the process of accidental small problems how to solve it, Chun industry packaging to take you to see how the cosmetics box manufacturers how to deal with gold and silver cardboard of some small problems.

1. It is necessary to know the cosmetics box manufacturer's gold and silver cardboard surface is not done corona process, that is, electrostatic process. If the cosmetics manufacturer is unable to know the instrument to test this project, it is best to ask the supplier to assist in the supply of this service, because the corona treatment will be about the surface tension of the substrate. So that only the appropriate surface tension value belongs to the ink attached to the excellent foundation stone foundation conditions.

2. Cosmetics box manufacturers ink high degree of curing is not high, dark color ink because the absorbance is relatively more excellent, so the cosmetics box manufacturers if the color of the dark print content, we must remember that can not open too fast , Cosmetics boutique box manufacturers know that ink is not completely cured, then the effect of ink adhesion.

3. Cosmetics box maker asked his ink provider. As the cosmetics boutique box manufacturers do not know the extent to which the quality of his ink to go, so the quality of the ink on the cosmetics box manufacturers to discuss with his ink suppliers to discuss with them in the ink in the requirements of the adhesion Promote the content of a little bit, or add special to improve the curing efficiency of the chemicals used to improve the physical curing effect.

The above is Junye industry packaging to provide cosmetics boutique box manufacturers in dealing with gold and silver cardboard on the process of some of the problems, if you want to know more details can consult our online customer service: +8613826291162, and our mailbox: junye023 @ junyepackaging. com can leave a message, we will reply to you as soon as possible.