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Custom luxury gift boxes with coating process

Sep 28, 2017

Custom luxury gift boxes with coating process

Custom luxury gift boxes with coating process is widely used in China, especially in a variety of packaging and decoration as well as high-grade gift packaging on the basis of the basic pursuit of the effect and coating process is The existence of the same, but also like a variety of other forms of binding books and books and calendars and maps of these categories are the same as the high-end gift box applied to the same coating technology.

The coating process was introduced into the interior of China in the 1980s due to the fact that the high-end gift box custom-made film-coating technology came in and was very fresh and had a lot of time, and it had been swept across the country for a short time and slowly changed Into the book to increase the surface of the bright and high-end gift box customization of the surface of the love.

But because of the current people more and more attention to environmental protection, as well as the introduction of laws and regulations continue to improve and limit the plastic, high-grade gift box custom processing process in the plastic film and the loss of value, the difficulty of recycling Two fundamental problems for the current is still a more serious challenge, and now said that high-grade gift box custom film, we usually associate to "white pollution"

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