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Exquisite high-end packaging printing for marketing.

Apr 16, 2017

In the diversified consumption contributed, leisure food variety is richer and richer, leisure food in daily life, people gradually become the essential needs. On the market, leisure food brand is numerous, like Yijia benevolence, Dacheng snacks. Then, in the GEM market, these brands of leisure food is how to meet the Huaicai, absorb the costs of eyeball?

Reporter access will be invented, contemporary fast-paced life of high-speed fast, continuous things in the future, people for leisure, leisure is not only single is a concept, is a kind of custom, this custom is also reflected in the consumption of food on the need for leisure. For consumers, "leisure" is the truth of snacks. Shandong Tai'an Yijia Ren leisure food stores responsible person Mr. Wang suggested that no matter how leisure food products can still be the most changeful, the ultimate product of absorption consumer's own character. No product of good character, the rest do good, but also in vain.

Leisure food quality, character, leisure food is done quite benevolence yija work. Yijia Ren leisure food taste fresh, strong sense of order, sweet, salty, sweet, spicy and other characteristics, is the preferred consumption, the reason is because of its excellent character, the product adopt vacuum packaging, the construction process of weird, Peru, food materials and health standards are first-class.

On the other hand, leisure food with a strange new exquisite packaging, can also stimulate consumption capacity! What a strange new exquisite packaging to create visual attractive in the first time, which greatly stimulate the acquisition move in short time?

Chinese there is an old saying,people rely on clothes horse saddle, high-grade packaging boxes are the so-called three looks, seven clothing, Wine box Good food packaging as sniping rifle can be highly focusing consumer memory and attention, fine working force. Just imagine, in a variety of terminal leisure food gathered in the environment, but with the rapid progress of packaging can absorb the product must be flash point, accurate convey cost and differentiated brand selling point, ultimate consumption incentives and provoke thoughts were the purchase of goods.

So how the package is good, can let the consumer package without reluctance pocket? Simple point, good packaging can make products with wording, cooperation, not only spread, smear and promote products, can also make consumers pay. So, good packaging is to force the sale of packaging, which occurred with the advertisement with the same orders and influence the effect of drive effect. Presumably, good packaging is to show the enterprise brand image, price orientation, physiological demands and satisfaction of consumers can directly display products differentiated selling etc.. Do these, you can store the product in the pre emptive, dazzled by a riot of colour.

Food packaging, leisure food industry can be described as kernel yija typical, is a model for the rest of the same brand case study. In the GEM market, consumers buy goods when in fact not every time on reading, as long as the invention of interest and necessary goods, will collect carefully on the sidelines, ask the past. So, the packing of the goods must have sufficient visual impact force.

Yijia leisure food packaging Ren strange pattern, weird elements, weird colors, weird logo, make consumers the display frame into the category of eyeball suddenly will be absorbed in the hundreds of thousands of products of the same, only one packaging can make consumers want from the shelves up. Look, thus paving the way for the further communication and brand consumption. This is achieved as the most fundamental -- can request a product packaging grow delicate, like a beacon in the sea.

There is a row of people seeking independence habits of people's subconscious, Wine packing box When a consumer enters the supermarket shelves, after reading all free goods, this time he probably first saw a product, but he is still the first aspect in addition, if there is no better, he will see that a recent acquisition. So, let people see in addition, still want to buy your product. Through the analysis of leisure food packaging yija benevolence, the point is, the packing of your plans, the visual results can let people know, deep within a few seconds to remember.

Because each product has self adjustability, so the packaging must also conform to the results, together with.

a leisure food can sell the market, the quality of course is the most important, but also can not neglect its packaging. The packing plan well, moment to see the theme, the theme is good, moment to see the selling point, good packaging from good sales strategies, there are strange and different demands, so the packing course will absorb the costs of the eye! Attract consumer attention, naturally bring power consumption promotion. Because leisure food with high Yijia kernel character at the same time, with special to absorb the costs of eyeball packaging, the terminal vendors hard nature more powerful.