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High-grade underwear packaging is too simple and not conducive to brand publicity

Apr 16, 2017

At the end of five dumplings, Mid Autumn Festival moon cake, crab, senior wine, all consumer packaging display position exposing itself, some people think that these goods are not light "of the child", "Er", brittle without solidity. The underwear industry is not about the paper, bags for product packaging problem after the acquisition of. Beautiful underwear with "Er", "face" is also appropriate to afford corresponding product inside?

Underwear industry is a character grade of various grades and ranks, but most packaging more conservative and even to save a character actually not very good reaction of their own brand and product and taste. Excessive packaging is a problem, too much is not conducive to the spread of a brand image.

A film starring Miriam Yeung and Richie Ren "to generate a" see the story for a long time ago, the impression is not deep, but when the film near the prelude Richie Ren gave Miriam Yeung a gift, closing after Miriam Yeung a face of joy luck, is a set of bra, the scene left a deep impression on the audience. Especially the women in the audience, everyone in the numerous guess, that is how beautiful a high quality bra? Heart is infinite, I hope can have a taste, so deserves heart packaging good bra. Visible people latent consciousness, packaging product is still very nervous.

The general price or for the low-end market underwear brand, no packaging in real sense, retailers to stock is a large bag into a large bag, a large package inside a pile of a pile of a lot of underwear, and some with the brand name retailers rationing plastic bags even packing. Consumers purchase, often see the sales staff from the cabinet, drawer pull extrusion underwear in the procurement, sales staff to see the underwear into a half size does not fit with the brand of the bag, the bag there is probably Zhouzhoubaba, then consumption can easily put underwear take a bag with group up into the bag, to the scene, but also know that this underwear must be cheap.

A slightly better underwear, each size will be on a hanger hanging from a different pattern, consumption pattern and size to be selected, and then from the shelves or stack out new underwear, but actually not all with independent packaging. In the resolution after the acquisition, guide the underwear on the checkout around the table, expect consumers to pay. Perhaps it took the money, just to help consumers try pair of underwear when, later will inherit with both hands to consumers to buy underwear clothes into the bag, two plastic bag, about the surface layer is a paper bag. Later some consumers decided to obey the obscene paper bag and then put them into the bag, because of excessive packaging and lit the inner coarse, if people see, consumers are prone to shyness and inferiority of physiology, therefore in the bag, with a paper bag or the bag surface containing the remaining items.

Some brands of high quality, wear gloves in the sale, purchase, or understand the billing clerk cashier, division of labor, the hanger only arranged each size difference pattern, will be in excess of storage about the counter with self packaging placed to neat feeling, almost spotless, these brands from the shopping guide try to purchase all the key to do, but in the payment, the most careful packaging is lining paper wrapping paper and then put into the bag in. Consumers carrying home jubilant products, but also can not show the character of grade underwear.

The contemporary female request itself has good sense from the inside out, and "inside", is in itself to purchase high quality underwear. Many brands in overseas sales, consumers purchase after the bra are lining paper packaging into the paper box, but in our life, it is as long as the movie shows only the lens, as long as we love. So "in the" excellent character of underwear brand, this is itself to think in itself the bag, what is the price of the package.