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How to embrace the Internet paper packaging enterprises

Apr 16, 2017

The development of the Internet makes China paper packaging industry is facing a lot of problems facing the crisis! Immediate and fluctuation of the industry trend, the paper packaging enterprises only focus on the future, actively dealing with the immediate crisis, timely adjustment of the development strategy of the company, will it be possible to usher in the spring flowers are blooming.

Seize the market three new hot packaging

Although 2015 Chinese both domestic and external demand is weak, but from the market trend analysis, courier packaging, intelligent terminal packaging, cold chain packaging and other fields will still maintain a rapid growth.

According to related statistics, the number of online shopping parcels Chinese in 2013 reached 9 billion, 2014, China's express delivery business amounted to 14 billion, an increase of 52%, ranked first in the world. Director of the State Post Bureau Ma Junsheng is expected in 2015 will be the courier business volume completed 19 billion 600 million, an increase of about 40%; the business income will be 265 billion yuan, an increase of up to 30%.

Intelligent terminal equipment intelligent mobile phone China 2014 total shipments of 500 million, an increase of 15.4%. The intelligent mobile phone market shipments more than 400 million, an increase of nearly 20%.

In 2015, the mobile phone manufacturers have increased China shipments are expected, millet, HUAWEI, TCL, GREE and even proposed to produce 100 million mobile phone, this is a big plus for China packaging industry. In addition, apple smart watches listed will also promote the expansion of the entire intelligent terminal packaging market.

Popular online shopping also directly with the fire of the cold chain express market. With the development of electronic commerce, sales of vegetables, fruits, flowers and other fresh products shop up.

Over the past two years, CITIC Trust, Beijing trust, trust building and other state-owned capital to accelerate the staking across the pace of Shanghai trust, fortune trust, COFCO trust company also began to enter the land market trust. With the entry of large capital, a large number of large-scale ecological agriculture group is China going up. In 2015, the intensive management mode of agricultural enterprises will activate the massive agricultural products cold chain packaging.

Because of the market situation should adjust product structure

Customers and changes in the market, packaging structure are quietly changing, packaging enterprises have to size up the situation, in response to changes in the market to adjust product structure, in order to survive the crisis.

Retail easy packaging (RRP) is a kind of easy opening, convenient shelf sales, has a strong visual impact and brand display effect. At present, in Europe and the United States, the exquisite printing and packaging of the growth rate is two times that of ordinary corrugated packaging. In Chinese, retail packaging easy to just super potential, a piece of fertile soil is absolutely worth mining.

With the rapid development of the Internet of things has become more and more mature and intelligent logistics, a new product called CCF standard box will soon pop.

CCF box with uniform size standard, not only the agricultural products (fresh fruits and vegetables) packaging industry standards for pallets, can improve the efficiency of cargo handling, transportation, warehousing and other aspects.

With the growing popularity of green and low carbon environmental protection trend, many enterprises to simplify the product packaging needs more and more strongly.

In addition, in some areas, packaging tray is toward miniaturization and development, packaging enterprises shall keep the pulse of the market focus on packaging.

Embrace the "Internet" and "digital printing" and "intelligent manufacturing"

In 2015, the concept of "Internet" would be the most popular topic of speculation, it seems not to participate in the enterprise to the Internet may be Oust.

"The Internet is detonated in packaging and printing industry's enthusiasm for the Internet, the Internet has become an important direction of the development of packaging and packaging printing industry.

The Internet can be packaging industry chain parties are connected to the same platform, through information technology, big data and intelligence, can achieve the optimal packaging manufacturing, material supply, packaging design and customer orders, to provide integrated high-quality fast service and low price for customers.

"The Internet is expected to competition in the packaging printing industry remodeling, industry consolidation will also usher in a new driving force, will become the large joint industry.

In recent years, the 4 industry is regarded as the future direction of the development of manufacturing industry in ten years. And the future of the "smart factory" will no longer be made uniform, there is no difference between products, but in a series of packaging and printing equipment, the production of hundreds of millions of species Customized Chemical products. These products with the chip or two-dimensional code, through the Internet, intelligent production line to the customer's network distribution. Therefore, how to package printing enterprises to intelligent manufacturing transformation, enterprise's future and destiny will decide.

Because of the alienation packing perfectly matched with the individuation and difference, digital printing may get great development space, even the next few years rapidly replacing the traditional analog printing, this trend is worth thinking for packaging enterprises.

Reduce labor costs in the proportion of products

At present, most packaging enterprises are facing common problems, namely, rising labor greatly reduced the profit space of the enterprise. But a few companies have said there is no pressure, and even have to withstand space wave up, why?

In order to Yuto as an example, the past five years, the company's output has increased nearly two times more than five years ago, but the company employees still remained at about 8000, even more than five years ago and decreased. This is mainly due to the group's long-term commitment to through process improvement and the introduction of high-speed automation equipment to improve employee productivity, reduce the proportion of artificial products. What's more, there is a group of Yutong equipment factory in Kunshan, specializing in packaging and printing products, automation and intelligent equipment research and development.

Suzhou should learn from an enterprise, the FMCG companies only received a very large amount of orders. All companies using high-speed automation equipment, such as the enterprise of a fully automatic nail box machine day capacity up to 150 thousand. At present, enterprises with less than 40 people, but the annual output of up to 100 million, per capita GDP than Germany's corrugated box enterprise much higher. The per capita GDP is high, assigned to the labor cost of each carton is less than 0.12 yuan, the enterprise of the rising labor cost does not worry.

At the same time, some well-known packaging enterprises in the face of high social security contributions, are trying to avoid. For example, some labor-intensive and technology content of less demanding jobs, the labor dispatch company to provide human resources and social security contributions in order to avoid the increasingly high.

Every day the sun is new, paper packaging industry is facing the new problem is China! When faced with immediate and crisis fluctuations in the industry trend, the paper packaging enterprises only focus on the future, actively dealing with the immediate crisis, timely adjustment of the development strategy of the company, will it be possible to usher in the spring flowers are blooming.