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How to improve the quality of copperplate printing

Jul 17, 2017

Coated paper is an important material for packaging and decorating the printing process, and the quality of its product printing depends largely on the advantages and disadvantages of the material itself, and the degree to which the operator can grasp the characteristics of the paper. In other words, to print good coated paper products, must be based on the characteristics of paper, to take the appropriate technical measures. It is necessary to understand and understand the technical requirements of printing coated paper.


Coated paper varieties, is based on the process of adding filler and calendering different, generally divided into single-sided and double-sided light two. From the nature of the paint and casein coating. So coated paper, also known as coated paper.

Because some of the domestic coated paper due to process defects, which are prone to varying degrees of powder and telescopic variation, especially single-sided coated paper is more prone to curl ills, affecting the accuracy of overprint. Printing coated paper a number of art improper operation, but also prone to sticky dirty (at the end), pink, slow dry, star color less bright, so should pay attention to the following questions.

1, for each batch of coated paper, put into use before dealing with paper smoothness, pH, absorbency, drying, scalability and surface bonding strength and a series of printability issues involved in the test analysis, and then according to Paper characteristics, to take the appropriate process measures, such as adjusting the ink viscosity, mobility, dryness and anti-sticking measures to achieve standardized scientific production, to prevent the printing of bad situation;

2, to the good pad version of the technology and printing pressure debugging off, to ensure that printing ink layer uniform and bright. Coated paper printing pressure should be made uniform and appropriate pressure is too heavy prone to powder out of the poor situation, and easy to cause dot imprint is not clear ills, and increase the plate wear. On the contrary, it is easy to cause dot imprinting is not strong, and blindly increase the ink layer to make up for the lack of pressure caused by the layout of flowers, so easy to produce sticky, slow dry, overprint and other adverse consequences, , Should be appropriate. The lining is made of neutral hardening material.

3, with coated paper printing trademarks, packaging products, often in color for the background color, made by overlay overprint. So that the printing of the right improper process, but also easy to produce some problems and affect the quality, so the deployment of the background ink, you should try to use heat and light-resistant ink, and the best use of light cleaning agent, To the final printed effect is better to prevent the first color easy to scratch the damage ink layer.

4, because the copper side of the surface is smooth, poor ink absorption capacity, printing large version of the real version, should try to "deep ink thin firefly. That is appropriate to adjust the ink depth, so the printing ink corresponding or thin Some, that is, to meet the requirements of printing hue, but also reduce the chance of imprinting at the end, and to prevent the color printing is not on. In addition, due to poor adhesion of paper, printed ink layer, sometimes easy to powder and bleaching, To this end, the first color can be used on the 19th resin oil for the ink .In order to make the ink layer printed bright, can be added in the ink light and dry oil.

5, coated paper due to more paint, the printing process often encounter off powder and printed products show the phenomenon of shadows. In this case, we should pay attention to check whether the printing plate process operation, such as the printing plate with or without emphasis on the situation, because the paper pressure is too large, it is easy to coated paper surface powder powder crushed, Shadow spots. In addition, it should also check the ink viscosity is appropriate, if the printing ink layer over the thickness, too sticky, but also cause paper to fall off the accumulation of layout of the reasons, in this case, should consider the application of auxiliary materials to adjust the ink Quality, the quality problems can be better to overcome.

6, should be good copperplate paper printing anti-sticking technology. Coated paper ink absorption is weak, the back is relatively smooth, so printed by a large amount of ink layout or multi-color overprint, easy to produce sticky dirt problems, it should take anti-sticking measures to overcome, such as to take the amount of light oil first Anti-sticking agent stir evenly, so that after the liquid into the ink and then stir well, the printing can receive a better anti-sticking effect. But the amount of anti-sticking agent should pay attention to a reasonable grasp, not more than 4%, so as not to make ink emulsification, printing ink and ink layer gloss and other defects caused by poor defects.

In short, the printed copper plate as long as the characteristics of its grasp, as well as the right to print, operating technology, not only can improve the printing efficiency, and can effectively guarantee the quality of printing.