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Liquor packaging out of the way of creation

Apr 16, 2017

The application of modern ideas, blending of traditional charm, but also out of the road of innovation itself. The day before, Chinese liquor creative packaging planning Contest Finals held in Shanghai, the 16 finals players in this splendid blooming, the finals is 16 after workshop we again gathered in workshop.

In the competition, "Light" and "dry" change Henan river song Lao Tzu quintessence Education Foundation recommended and Lao Tzu civilization heritage award, "change" and "other dry and three yin and Yang" invoked the harmony between man and nature, harmonious spirit, well deserved. With beautiful hand-painted traditional charm elegant "bottle" back media recommended award. "Pat - Le cloud were drinking" Application of contemporary two-dimensional code plan view, a package body and mobile collection as a whole, chic funny, Mongolia and won the jury prize jury recommended recommended. In the micro-blog platform on the highest voice of "Liuhe" is recognized as the most potential market works.

In the final round of the battle, "Lao Tzu health wine" won the "creative source", win the trophy. The "dream of Jiangnan" in Jiangnan gardens as the creative source, to young people's nightlife form for the creation of environmental considerations, had a "Jiangnan", sing the second. "Blending" the traditional culture and ideas into this, both contemporary fashion, freedom and change character, the ultimate won the runner up title.

Chinese liquor creative packaging plan competition from August 16th launch in Beijing. At present, 16 works produced in the closed during the event landing. Around March 2014, users can get the continuous 16 works in the collection of the wine business. 16 strong, and in the new platform in the new situation together.