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Low carbon green packaging will hold the packaging industry in the future

Apr 16, 2017

At present, as a result of the global economic recession and China accelerated economic upward influence, the industry Chinese showed the excess production capacity, and a large number of enterprises closed open signs. The paper packaging industry as important for daily chemical products, the consumption of electronic products, agricultural and sideline products, food and other basic needs category, operating state is far better than furniture, building ceramics, sanitary ware, building materials, hardware and other industries closely related to real estate. But because of the product homogeneity of tension, and the market groups showed atrophy, resulting in a lot of paper packaging business in trouble.

However, that paper people feel the comfort is God in our closed a window, but we also closed a bigger window, which is a green and low carbon environmental protection packaging.

A lightweight packaging paper products industry has become a tool of low-carbon environmental protection and low cost.

Lightweight packaging refers to the packaging in order to ensure the skill objectives, cut the packaging material materials, to reduce the capital consumption of low carbon environmental protection policy. Not only this, increase the packaging component, not only can reduce the transportation cost, and reduces the amount of fuel transport vehicles, cut carbon emissions.

1, the paper corrugated carton equipment of low weight

To deal with the European lightweight carton box board definition, less than 100 grams / square meter, corrugated paper less than 90 grams / square meter. In recent years, some emerging market countries with extensive promotion of lightweight criterion, Chinese as the world's largest corrugated packaging market, to make every effort in lightweight corrugated paper. In the domestic packaging paper enterprises to nine dragons, for example, in recent years, the two companies have launched the 90 grams / square meter and 75 g / m2 of corrugated paper, in recent years and launched 60 grams / square meter ultra low weight corrugated paper. In the liner, nine dragons fundamentally curb production of 400 g / m2 of containerboard production, store in recent years also greatly expanded to 250 grams / square meter box board paper production. In the years before the launch of 150 grams / square meter low weight paper board, the two companies also launched nine dragons and Lee & Man 120 grams / square meter, 90 grams / square meters of ultra low weight paper board.

Two, corrugated boxes by double corrugated corrugated single to change.

Another trend of lightweight corrugated box is used to replace the single corrugated cardboard corrugated paperboard, corrugated cardboard three seven has little use. In the past the general corrugated paper weight 1000-1100 g / m2, the quantitative change of single corrugated after about 600-700 grams / square meters or less. In fact, the reason the lightweight packaging can get most enterprises to corresponding also is not only environmentally friendly, but also because the packaging material lightweight packaging for food companies to use less, a large number of direct throttling packaging cost. Especially in today's food enterprises reduced profit space environment, the use of stop cut down the quantity of packaging materials in order to save costs bend over backwards to many enterprises.

Nestle as early as 1991 the company had started implementation in the global category of lightweight, packaging material reduction project, Nestle China company has developed various lightweight packaging plan. The outer box Nestle ice cream Wuyang cylinder as an example, through the process of optimizing the layout of carton, carton weight reduction, will be low with 5 layers of paper carton layout optimization into 3 layers of paper with high and low layout, single box component. This improvement plan, every year the amount of nearly 150 tons of paper cuts. According to incomplete statistics, stop at the end of 2010, the company Nestle on a global scale the cumulative reduction of packaging amount reached more than 510 thousand tons, which represents at least 450 thousand cars driving power is needed for a year.

Ten years ago, the Japanese foreign brand packing box to Sony and EPSON as the representative of the request is unusually high, the safety factor outside the box that is set to 6-10, the Japanese electronics product carton paper equipment widely used in high strength and high weight paper. Japanese brand for quality at cost price is certainly admirable, but how much extra quality some doubt. Now, faced with intense cooperation, Japanese companies have started to re review the principle originally packaging strategy, in order to ensure the protection of corrugated box, transportation and printability based on the extensive use of lightweight packaging.

Three, cardboard material with micro corrugated used cardboard cardboard box, replace the traditional carton.

Micro corrugated popular at home and abroad and the important E and F Leng Leng, then there are some regional open up G, N, O Leng Leng leng. Because the micro corrugated packaging has high compressive strength, fine printing and other strengths, to obtain the user's recognition, and the amount was steadily growing trend. Now, the domestic enterprises to use the E type is relatively small, for example, SIEMENS and other large enterprises have been put forward to use G more micro corrugated corrugated request.

Four, some other kinds of paper packaging products don't weight further down

General environmental protection paper bag material weight is 300 g / m2 of coated paper or cardboard, with lightweight fashion, many enterprises begin to use 120 grams / square meter or 140 grams / square meter about bovine bottom white kraft paper. With the gift packaging market exists widely in food packaging too different, FMCG industry, more and more enterprises have increasingly strong interest to lightweight packaging. In the first big global Mint Mint's brand bearing as an example, they fell outside of the packaging paper size, throttle 6% materials; paper wrapping paper weight low, throttle paper 30%.