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Tea gift box customization is ceremony culture prominent

Dec 27, 2017

Tea gift box customization is "Li" culture prominent

"Ceremony" is one of the inheritance cultures of our Chinese nation. In the period of Spring and Autumn and Warring States, we have talked about the origin and origin of "Ceremonial Etiquette", saying that the so-called gift of roses, Let our own hands also share the same mind, which is the same in today's society. Although there are a few differences, the overall meaning is still the same, and tea is just a major feature of our Chinese nation The product, the so-called West has coffee east of tea is the origin of it, in ancient times to send tea as a gift is also very ordinary, in order to facilitate the transportation of ancient people they will dry the tea wrapped in paper into a big tea cake, And this is the most primitive tea packaging, and now with the development of science and technology industry, the rise of gift boxes can be described as a lot of box manufacturers in all walks of life have eaten, especially in the tea gift box custom service is particularly good.


If, after many years, our tea packaging is still the image of a cake pie from ancient times, the recipient will be more difficult to carry because of his special physical structure which is oblate and covers an area Big became the biggest criticism of tea cakes, generally smaller tea cakes fortunately can be loaded in the tea gift bag easy to carry, but some of the more expensive some of the tea cakes want to put the cakes for the recipients or consumers Take away all the way have to mention and be careful not to be afraid of collision is a certain degree of difficulty;


This time the tea gift box customized out of the box on the perfect solution to this series of problems in the physical structure of the tea gift box customized out of the box is a long wide structure that can effectively use the volume of space to load more tea and In the capacity of the packaging is even more than the safety of the bag a lot higher than the paper bag, made of tea gift box material is made of cardboard or MDF these relatively good hardness of the material, so he can perfectly resist ordinary crowding Pressure and impact, the protection of tea gift box custom tea inside the box, so that the safety factor of the product greatly improved; and in the appearance of technology, tea gift box customized products are generally more sophisticated, also because of his hardness strength enough so he more Durable, and to a certain extent, recycling opportunities far greater than the paper bag.

In addition to the above several reasons, in fact, there is a more fatal flaw led to the decline of tea cakes, that is, open and then sealed to save the problem, tea gift box custom service box is a typical gift box, certainly with repeated use and open the lid It will be able to remove the inside of the goods, and then put it back is extremely convenient, but compared to tea gift boxes custom convenience tea cake is not so handy, in short tea gift custom service is basically a box manufacturer to replace the ordinary tea cake packaging If you want to know more about this industry information or cooperate with Junye Packaging, you can call Junye Packaging Online Customer Service Hotline: +8613826291162 and Junye Packaging Email: junye023@junyepackaging.com can Message, Junye packaging will reply to you as soon as possible.