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the differences of mask boutique box manufacturers and general packaging factory

Dec 28, 2017

The differences of mask boutique box manufacturers and general packaging factory

Mask does not need to set off the box, this problem once linger in the mask boutique box manufacturer's ears, many customers hear the mask manufacturer quality box manufacturers will feel a bit too expensive, might as well find different packaging factory to do More affordable, but expensive to do, cheap and cheap approach, a variety of processes and design techniques are some differences in the packaging plant designers may be more extensive understanding of various industries, and mask boutique box manufacturers Designers may be focused on the mask of the box, boutique box has a deeper understanding of one is a generic understanding of a deep understanding of their designers will be the same design style and structure of the box.


In addition to the differences in the design aspects described above, there are also process variations that the masking box maker's process technology will have more to do with their designers because the mask designer is well aware of the design Design drawings, how to achieve in the factory over there, there is nothing to do with the aesthetic or do not match the theme of the mask, the negative effects of style, style, he can both be properly considered; the contrary in the packaging plant design Their views will be deviated from the mask boutique manufacturers, due to the diversification of contact with the business, he can know in a timely manner the current quarter or the trend of the trend, to make some of the general public, partial to the current period of aesthetic Design, and he need to consider the realization of the problem may not be so much, when the factory feedback back where the need to amend, he revised.


In the creative aspects of qualifications, mask boutique box designer may not have the general packaging factory designers so much potential, due to the limitations of the mask of this product may be made of mask boutique box manufacturer's box Is too much bias in the flat shape shown in the figure, and the packaging designer, will be more courageous to the design of the box to do relatively high, and then use other such as foam, eva, satin to fill The whole high box.


After comparing the difference between the designer of the designer of the facial mask boutique and the designer of the general packing factory, can you enlighten you as a mask business? If you want to cooperate with Junye Packaging or learn more about the industry information, you can call Junye Packaging Online Customer Service Hotline: +8613826291162, and Junye Packaging Email: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Junye packaging will answer your questions as soon as possible.