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The world's first bottle packing paper Wine birth

Apr 16, 2017

According to expert analysis, Chinese packaging market size of the highest in the world, is expected to 2012 the annual sales volume will reach 75 billion euros (802 billion 900 million yuan of public money). The total capacity of the packaged food market China will reach 1.196 tons. The future China packaging industry a few years will be maintained for at least 10% years fluctuations increase, department application will add over 20% years. 

Wine packing box Expected to flexible plastic, folding box and corrugated box demand will be the first in the world. The United States launched the world's first bottle packing paper Wine British packaging company Gr modified plastic een Bottle manufacturer Truett-Hurst Wine Gao prison California, launched the worlds first bottle packing paper Wine label in the United States, attempted by Stranger Stranger. Paper boy paper bottles from Recyclable paper made of compression, weight only 65 grams, mediocre glass bottle weight 1/7. The packaging printing labels adopted natural color ink printing, individual pattern involution, with a freckled, shouting the nasty little newsboy. The paper is modified plastics and external bottle liner similar circular boxed Wine data. Green Bottle general manager Mark Eves said:this kind of paper is very strong, can even use ice bucket safety iced three hours. 

The bottle filling is 2012 years producing wine blending rob Paso, currently has Safeway supermarket shelves in the United states. He revealed, to us, paper bottles exported to the United States, and in California advertising is not only a need is a milepost, first, we believe paper bottles have great potential in the world Wine market. 

Modified plastic packaging Wine international trend of Chinas packaging industry experienced high-speed stage, once established tomorrow is the scale of production, has become the worlds second large packing, Chinese packaging market size has been ranked first in the world, and become the necessary areas caused by local production China. With the economy and people keep the degree of progress, packaging, packaging for the growing demand for more and more, the use value of the packaging requirements are improved. Modified plastic packing box with foreign domestic wine enterprises also began to pay attention to is rotten, unadorned grand, packing box is mostly leather box wooden box, sometimes more expensive than wine, so it has the real value of the Wine. Another trend is that with the development of society, the emphasis is on environmental protection, green products, which may dominate in the cycle, the throttle power should also give priority to think. For example, in the past, some of the pros and cons of Chinese often pay attention to the winery wine packaging, some low-grade leather box packing box and so on, but each enterprise and modified plastics industry civilization is not the same, so in the choice of packaging is not the same. 

Go on the first half of last year from the price, the price of about 30-40 yuan in packaging, and in the second half of the year was 20-30 yuan, this year up in 10 dollars at the mercy of. From the use of packaging materials to speak up, a plane is the use of high-grade leather box, wooden box, carton and printing to the, Density board A box and so on, is a trend that. But some small brands, packaging box, black and white often luxurious, because their wine is on the packaging to improve his value and attract consumers. While large enterprises are with them on the contrary, they put the box. The control of modified plastics within five dollars, and a fine natural, elegant, elegant, environmental protection, can be recycled, it will be a trend of packaging. So, a good product is not yet on the packing box is gorgeous, more important is the quality of the product, at the same time a product will have a strong support force, the box is not a short path avoiding price. We believe that the packaging industry will develop healthy and fast, the box will double the value of nature, beauty, meanness, environmental protection, recycling dominate, how people and society, financial development will be consistent modified plastic for man and nature.