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Traditional manuscripts are crowded by many cosmetics box factory, with what?

Dec 20, 2017

Mistakes of cosmetic paper bags can avoid easy to forget  in the custom process

In the past introduction, Junye packaging factory have talked many times, professional cosmetics box factory designers to make the design, and defiant only need to be responsible for the business make-up box custom designer to make the design is very Not the same, because the business of their own designers usually only responsible for the appearance, do not need to consider the actual supply of production difficulty or feasibility in the past, news has also been described, but there is a domestic customer last year 4 Month or so to place an order, he brought his own designers to create the design, looking for cosmetics box factory production, but unfortunately found a lot of cosmetics box factory can not be completed, and later how to do it?

paper box (304).jpg

Because the merchant brought the original manuscript, many cosmetic box factory because the designers are not enough, basically give the customer again on the color, the traditional manuscripts transferred to the computer to save in the form of data , Too much trouble, and the amount is just good 3000, many cosmetics box factory chose to give up this customer, so he found the Chun industry packaging, but for this order, but also a lot of thought.

Because each person's display color, due to the resolution is not the same, and the computer generally follows the three primary colors of RGB to show a lot of CMYK product color can not be accurately displayed, so cosmetic box factory designers, just against the sample Color about get 2 weeks, because the election back, back to the election repeated many times before finally found the customer's heart color, the final days spent proofing a few days out of large goods, and soon completed This cooperation.

Therefore, the times are improving and the steps for the production of cosmetic boxes are also constantly improving. However, in addition to promoting their own technology and technology in cosmetic box factories, they have to take into consideration the actual conditions of their customers. For example, the domestic customer, Honest manuscripts, looking for cosmetics box factory failed to find the manufacturers willing to receive them, and finally found the Junye packaging box factory was willing to help them cumbersome color and so on steps to complete the production. If you want to know more about the industry information or cooperation with Junye packaging cosmetics box production, then you can call TEL: +8613826291162, and JunYe packing e-mail: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, JunYe packaging will reply to you as soon as possible.