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What kind of scarf gift box makes scarf sell well all over the world

Jul 23, 2018

As a feminine costume, the scarf can bring out the unique charm of women, or the characteristics of warmth and style, and is more and more liked by female friends. 

In order to profit from consumers in different regions, it is necessary to tailor the box to suit the needs of local consumers for a scarf manufacturer or distributor.Therefore, the main points of the scarf gift box in China and the West must be mastered.

As a packaging boxes manufacturer with more than 17 years of focus on packaging, scarf gift boxes are exported to all over the world. We summarize the following similarities and differences between Chinese and Western scarf gift boxes.


The China scarf gift packaigng boxes and Western scarf packaging boxes are mad of grey board box and exquisite art paper. They are leather-filled paper with a leathery feel, smooth and delicate touch paper, warm and comfortable wool paper, unique textured embossed paper, and elegant and environmentally-friendly raw paper. These papers and designs give the scarves a unique charm, making the scarves a pleasing handicraft.



China's local scarf brand gift box uses the most classical Chinese red. In foreign countries, the color of the brand silk scarf gift box is determined according to the representative color of the brand. For example, the Hermès silk scarf gift box packaging adopts Hermes orange, while the Chanel silk scarf gift box adopts the classic black and white color. This is to deepen the impression of the brand in people's minds.

What kind of scarf gift box makes scarf sell well all over the world

Design pattern

Western silk scarf gift box design patterns are mostly hot stamping LOGO, and China's silk scarf gift box is not only hot stamped LOGO, LOGO will also use Chinese ancient rhyme fonts, while printing some ancient Chinese patterns around, LOGO and ancient patterns are integrated in Together, let the Chinese classical silk scarf gift box exude a unique beauty.