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2 Words, Identification Of Whether The Perfume Box Manufacturers Have Enough Strength

Mar 01, 2018

2 words, identification of whether the perfume box manufacturers have enough strength

In layman like Xiao Bian ignorant of the design, the greatest understanding, in fact, rgb red, green and blue primary colors, but in the box manufacturer's designer does not seem so simple thing, it is necessary to do To consumers at ease look comfortable, but also to make the packaging cartons easier in the production of the time, nor is it an easy task, may be in a lot of perfume boxes made to order the supply side designers have a free design, However, more than 65% of these designers are not practical for a perfume box manufacturers to produce a design skills, what is the skill?

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In the perfume box or cosmetic box production, the United States is certainly a very important part, but the United States have to meet the feasibility of a design, I personally see, some customers have brought their own design regardless of whether Figure, or from other perfume box manufacturers to bring the design, are more or less, only the length and breadth, as well as a variety of colors and colors also marked a series of conventional values, but these of them Design drawings, many of them lack the most important print design of the "blood line".

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The use of blood lines can be said to greatly reduce the size of the printing due to the size of the problem, why do you say that because the drawn blood line is in the design of the box itself need some material outside the structure of the line size, and these Line is often to distinguish what is the core of the printing of the perfume box manufacturers guests, which is still to be cut after the printing is completed, which allows printing master has a lot of space for operation, which can increase the printing master tolerance rate of error in the " Blood line "or up and down there is a certain floating range, will not say a mistake, the direct retirement, the reason why so many unpleasant cooperation experience, if it is because of printing displacement, not aligned version of the heart, basically and the" bloodline "Can not take off the relationship.

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Now that you know why your perfume box is not up to date on the new version, offset the location of it? "Blood line" in the details of things, with or without the difference is still quite big, in considering the perfume box manufacturers are competent when the order, the design has betrayed his strength, if you want to know More information or suitable for the industry, Junye packaging and do custom packaging, then you can call TEL: +8613826291162, and Junye packaging E-mail: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Junye packaging will reply you as soon as possible.