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4 Packaging Design Classification, To Solve The Difficulties Of Packaging Design The First Step

Jul 21, 2017

People are born visual animals, then what kind of packaging box is attractive? This is every business to build their own brands need to solve the problem. I can not give you a standard answer today. I am afraid I recommend the graceful packaging and you want the most dazzling national style of the conflict. But with the "cultural marketing", "brand marketing", "knowledge marketing", "global marketing", "green marketing" and other theories. The future of the packaging will be divided into the following four categories, these four categories can solve your packaging problems.

1. Cultural packaging

As one of the four ancient civilizations of China, five thousand years of splendid culture for us to leave a lot of design material. Including the use of traditional Chinese blue and white porcelain pattern, while adding Chinese painting, calligraphy and other elements of Chinese characteristics of Maojian tea packaging. And this very cultural characteristics of the packaging design is currently used for tea packaging and wine packaging. Whether the future will be used for other product packaging, I believe the answer is yes. Whether it is now booming and increasingly perfect China's tourism industry, or has not appeared in the TV screen on the traditional culture. People began to prefer natural, original ecology things. So this is why I put the cultural packaging in the first place. What's more important is that our designers prefer traditional culture.

Cultural packaging

2. Brand packaging

Packaging is not to create a brand, how can we define a package called the brand packaging. Here refers to the brand packaging is already in the hearts of the masses to form the concept of brand packaging products. Just like soda think of Coca-Cola, said nuts think of three squirrels. This is the "positioning" mentioned in the first ladder products. Do they still need packing? The answer is yes. Iron of the masses, the brand of water. In the era of electricity even more so. The masses always like to provide quality service manufacturers, in the electricity business platform to choose more, the masses can not be twice in the same pit. In the face of the same price, the same quality of competitive products, consumers will be because of modern business packaging brand characteristics arising from the loyalty of the brand consumption.

Brand packaging

3. Green packaging

The probability of green is economic value, whether you agree or not. Ma more than once stressed that the next decade is a health industry. Now people are increasingly aware of environmental awareness, more and more aware of the urgency of environmental issues and the importance of green business packaging. Modern business packaging design more and more respect for the environment, including the use of plastic significantly reduced, the packaging and more use of biodegradable and recyclable and reusable paper products packaging. If you are doing healthy products, your packaging design concept must be green, environmentally friendly.

Green packaging

4. Personalized packaging

Bath oil box this thing will fire in the future, after all, see more difficult to laugh. We have seen more. If there is a new package in front of you, you will certainly be attracted by its appearance.

Personalized packaging

Packaging design classification is the above four categories, I believe that no matter what you are the product, your packaging should be classified as above a class or several categories. With the initial packaging design concept. Plus their own products and logo. The prototype of a box should have surfaced in your mind.