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About The Form Problem Of The Box Making

Jul 01, 2019

I always heard people say that the heavier the package, the better the materials used, the higher the price, the better the quality of Junye Packaging. A more important design element in product packaging design is the shape of the box. The box design of the package is determined by its own function and is determined by the nature, shape and weight of the packaged product. For example, the gift box requires the higher the quality of the package, the better. It is a scientific design method to rationally operate the principle of three-dimensional structure in solving the packaging structure. Of course, the material problem of the product needs to be determined according to the nature of the product itself, and the packaging box of different materials can be created according to the demand.


Speaking of the production of the packaging box, the carton itself is a three-dimensional shape, and its blooming process is a process of moving, stacking, folding and enclosing a multi-faceted body composed of several faces. The surface in the three-dimensional structure functions as a dividing space in the space, and the surface of the different parts is cut, rotated, and folded, and the obtained surface has different emotional expressions. The plane has a flat, smooth and simple feel. The surface is soft, gentle and elastic. The surface is soft, round, simple, full, square and solemn... and these are exactly what we must consider when studying the shape of the carton.

The box shape is also an abstract form of language expression. The packaging carton structure should fully utilize the molding characteristics of the polyhedron in terms of the functions and characteristics of the product, and skillfully use the body language to express the characteristics of the product and the beauty of the packaging. How to use abstract language to express the artistic appeal of packaging design also requires the auxiliary practice of three-dimensional composition. A good box will give you a different aesthetic that you can't put down.