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Are There Any Other Color Options For Mask Box Factory Except White?

Dec 29, 2017

Are there any other color options for mask box factory except white?

Mask manufacturers to mask the mask mask is the most common thing, but why many mask box manufacturers have chosen to use white or with a slight pink color as the main color of the box it? What is the purpose of doing this? Why rarely see the other colors mask box? In fact, there is no Oh, Today, Chun Yip packaging plant will tell you to analyze some of the other colors may be you see after you will feel both strange but very familiar with the main colors.


Mask box factory will certainly be based on the business of facial mask products to start the imagination with the design and production of products, a product's attributes and qualities can determine his packaging in the end can be designed to look like, some time ago very hot volcanic mud and the sea Mud Mask products, many mask box factory dare to use some dark gray near black color to do the main colors of these packaging, the product composition is indeed the main black color, some do mud mask Manufacturers will be more in the dark gray based on the addition of a lot of red lines like cracks into it gives some more sense of integration of that scene.


There are also some of the elements of the subject like a fruit-flavored mask, mask box factory will use that kind of fruit as the main color of the public, and some will use those fruit shape and the mask inside a combination of design, giving more Of the creative sense, and the purchase of these products are the majority of women, although the proportion of male consumers in recent years is steadily rising but in recent years and the number of female consumers held flat or a little gap between these female consumers are mostly Are more emotional, the novelty of the packaging design will be carried out on the inside of the product to make up for some of the brain process, so that the purpose of the mask box factory so that consumers not only enjoy watching packaging stage, there will be more interaction process.


Based on whether the above two points are inspired, whether there is any change in the view of the masks and packaging factories, and which can not be a stumbling block to their dedication to the development of the industry but will make them make more As described above, there are more combined with the product design, if you want to know more about this information or in cooperation with Junye packaging, you can call the Junye packaging online customer service: +8613826291162, as well as in the Junye packaging mail : junye023@junyepackaging.com Message Junye Packaging will reply to you as soon as possible.