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Beautiful Type Of Paste Box

Jan 14, 2019

There are many types of gift boxes, and we can see a variety of packaging boxes in our lives, and these are all made from different delicate paste boxes, due to the nature and size of the products. They are all different, so they produce a beautiful and beautiful paste box. Let's take a look at these different styles of gift boxes.

Beautiful type of paste box

Clamshell gift box

This kind of gift box is very common in our life. Generally speaking, the cover and gift box of the gift box are made up of two pieces of cardboard, which are used in many industries, such as clothing, food toys, etc. When the product is installed, the box can also be folded up to save a certain space. When it is needed, it can be opened again. The cover type paste box can be divided into a sky cover box, a counter cover box and a cap box. Several, indicating that its variety is very rich.

Drawer-style gift box

The drawer-style gift box looks like a drawer from the appearance. It has a twitch inside the box, so that it can be stretched inside and outside like a drawer. This kind of paste box is very characteristic, and its bonding method is glue paste. The protection inside the box is very good, and the outside of the box looks very fashionable, because the outside has a beautiful pattern of printing. For the carton, the printed pattern is also easier to choose the favorite cartoon image, drawer type The biggest advantage of the paste box is that it is especially convenient to use.

Window type paste box

This kind of paste box is characterized by an opening at the top of the box. The general product is taken from the top, and the top or side is often made of transparent plastic paper, which brings people real product display and makes consumers more Buying with confidence, and this packaging style is very easy to identify. In the packaging of the enamel goods, the unique shape allows you to find it all at once. It is also the most popular packaging product in the market in recent years, and the window is open. The box overcomes the shortcomings of many old-fashioned boxes, with three types of packaging, three-dimensional, multi-angle, flat, and more models to choose from.

Liquid box

This kind of paste box is a package specially used for drinks and beverages. It also has two kinds of outer skin type and inner type. In this kind of packaged cardboard, there are paper bags or plastics that can be folded at will, some are inside, some are On the outside, therefore, two forms of packaging are formed, and the surface of the package is usually coated with a resin material, so the strength of the paste box is very good, and many packages have an ergonomic design, which is inserted into the straw. The round or triangular opening makes it easy to use.

After introducing so many paste boxes, do you know about the type of the paste box? Later, when you purchase the goods, you can clearly recognize which kind of paste box it is used for. Our professional packaging production staff is also a good life knowledge.