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Break The Limit! Health Care Products Paper Bag 2 Custom Environmental Protection Measures, But Unfortunately In 2007 Can Not Be Achieved

Jan 05, 2018

break the limit! Health care products paper bag 2 custom environmental protection measures, but unfortunately in 2007 can not be achieved

After rejecting the use of soybean oil ink in the customization of health care products, the owner said: "Before I heard in Japan many paper bag manufacturers have a research project in this area to study AF solvents. This solvent is used in bags Their materials are more custom-made, and because of their limited area, Japan is also far more environmentally protected than any western country and their ability to rebuild after the destruction of the atomic bomb is obvious to all. If one can take one Reasonable price to introduce the AF ink solvent, fully able to meet the current introduction of these production processes of ink pollution. "


After listening to the teacher, all asked: "That this thing is an additive, not a new ink?" The boss said: "Yes, if the health care products in the bag custom offset ink used in the production of this additive , Can reduce the waste produced in the production of ink, reduce the pollution to the environment, is the maximum benefit of this AF solvent. "After listening to the old master, maybe this product can solve the current dilemma.


But at this moment, the boss said: "But whether this solvent will change the quality of offset printing inks made by health care products is still unclear, and this product has only one basic concept and vision, Stage, although Japan is also actively developing this solvent over there, but it is conservatively estimated that it will take about 10 years to make some technical breakthroughs, but time can not wait. In recent years, production is a pressing and urgent demand. "


It is because of the time leading to no way to reference this FA solvent, but the current FA solvent has been basically formed, in addition to apply to the health care products paper bag customization CNOOC many printing needs can use this composition of the ink, compared to Such printing ink bags may be more expensive, but environmental protection is our task of all mankind, not because of petty profits and harm to everyone's interests, if you want to know more about the industry information or cooperate with Junye packaging paper bag printing You can call: +8613826291162, as well as Junye packaging plant's email: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Junye packaging will reply you as soon as possible.