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Briefly Analyze The Several Characteristics Of The Shirt Box

Mar 25, 2019

Suits and shirts have always been two great tools for men's galloping malls. More and more clothing brands are also putting more energy into the outer packaging of shirts. Today, We will give you a brief introduction to the major features of the shirt box.

Briefly analyze the several characteristics of the shirt box

Color and style

Shirts on the market generally refer to men's business shirts, not including women's fashion casual shirts. Men's business shirts are mainly white, light blue, dark blue, gray, and striped. The shirt boxes are mostly white, black and brown. The white shirt case with a white shirt is more visually harmonious. The black shirt box is stable and stable regardless of the color of the shirt, which meets the requirements of business occasions.

The design elements and design style of the shirt box are very obvious business style, simple and clear, discard all unnecessary elements, retain the most important part, pay great attention to the lines and corners, open the V-groove at the corners, look more refined and have edges and corners.


The shirt box, like the shoe box, has a fixed size range. The size of the shirt box is generally between this range of numbers. According to Xiaobian, the length of the shirt box is between 30~40cm, the width is between 20~28cm, and the height is between 4~8cm.


The style of the box can be divided into heaven and earth cover, drawer type, folding type and flip type. Because of the height factor, the shirt box adopts the cover type and folding type.

Plan the details

Many middle and low-end clothing brand shirt boxes will choose the world-style cover box style, and design a transparent PVC "sunroof" on the top cover, which is convenient for consumers to see the style, color and texture of the shirt inside through the transparent cover. Knowing the condition of the shirt, the transparent PVC window is a feature of many shirt boxes.

As a major branch of clothing packaging, shirt boxes should not be underestimated in design and production. Junye Packaging focuses on the packaging of big-name clothing for more than 17 years, and has many successful cases in clothing packaging.