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By The End Of Mobile Phone Selling, If The Gift Box Custom-made When Slick, How To Screen Business

Jan 30, 2018

By the end of mobile phone selling, if the gift box custom-made when slick, how to screen business

By the end of the year, many packaging factories will only leave a handful of people working in the process of customizing handset gift boxes, and this is very rare. Most companies that make gift box packaging have already started to stop work in early January , But still there will be many foreign customers to find packaging services, these customers are unfamiliar with life, so common are proofing companies were proofing, and then select the more appropriate price to cooperate.

Not long ago, mobile phone outsourcing contractors from Dubai came to Canton about mid-December to pick the manufacturers of mobile phone gift sets that could handle his products. Although it was already early, most manufacturers that could provide package production All have gone on holiday, workers are going back to the New Year, and finally found the manufacturers can produce, but found a lot of problems with the sample, and later found through online search Junye packaging, with some samples of the problem to find the office to.

After arriving at the office, he and business people communicated about the direction and ideas customized by these cell phone gift boxes. The business staff also looked at the problematic samples in the communication process, and some did not make the size well and the box was completely unavailable , Some are printed on the group fell, through some communication, after analyzing the phenomenon of these samples, after this happens when the director sent samples to the office to let the salesman take pictures, this time asked the old director of these situations, the director said : "These do not seem to be our products, we do not have any fixing problem, and the colors in the back do not fall off." After the Dubai mobile outsourcer translated the clerk, Bad attitude, but humbly listen to the old director of the evaluation of these samples up.

Last came to find mobile phone gift box custom business that is due to the previous samples may be ink or paper, resulting in poor adhesion, the back of the printing process covered, the drawbacks appeared, many manufacturers to the end Will like this low-end inks and paper quietly to use the sample out of the way to earn sample fees, so businesses should pay more attention, treatment of these samples. If you want to know more about the industry information or suitable for Junye carton factory for gift box packaging, then you can call TEL: +8613826291162, and Junye packing mailbox: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Junye packaging will reply you as soon as possible.