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Can Health Care Products Solve The Bag Factory Gold And Silver Ink Off? Do Not Be Funny

Jan 03, 2018

Can health care products solve the bag factory gold and silver ink off? Do not be funny

In a previous news story, I talked about why the chef at the health care packaging factory was so annoyed 4 months ago that the plate making problem with gold-silver ink printing was not a problem. There are solutions to this chapter to explain, if forced to print on some of the relatively poor substrates, you want to maintain good results, usually some skilled masters will be how to operate in order to avoid gold Silver ink off.


From the words of the young master we can see that if the health care products packaging factory in some of the poor quality of the printing on the printing of these gold and silver ink, then his metallic luster will be subsided, the kind of visual bling The sense of shock disappears, so consumers will not have such a strong interest when they see the package, because people, like birds, are easily attracted by some glowing things, so the metallic bling effect is definitely not just Feel the United States and the United States, there is a scientific basis, and often these are relatively poor substrate acidity than the average paper is higher, and that layer of shiny bling material easily react with the acid paper, so this is the sense of metal The reason for the disappearance, which is the core essentials that health care products bags factory learned through perennial production research institute.


Since the perennial exploration, some clever chef in the health care products packaging factory will pass the first layer of ink to the surface layer, but this background color must be able to be printed by the color of gold and silver covered, in fact, In the printing process, some unwritten rules, printing silver ink, if you want to do this to avoid metal color fade preventive measures, the use of a very light white, or very light colors to cover, this layer of ink is to use In the isolation of silver ink and the direct contact between the substrate, the reaction with the use, so that we can effectively avoid this series of adverse reactions.


In fact, I have to admire the wisdom of the old masters of these health care product packaging factories. They can effectively and flexibly utilize the characteristics and relationships among various materials so that the unbalanced two can be brought together in a balanced manner. Hope The young health care product bag factory master can also thrive for such experienced old master, if you want to know more about gift bag industry information or cooperate with Junye packaging factory printing paper bag, then you can call: +8613826291162, and Junye packaging company's mailbox: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Junye packaging will reply you as soon as possible.