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Clever Use Of Symbolic Colors To Create Personalized Brand Packaging

Mar 02, 2018

Packaging color is the kaleidoscope of product personality. With the diversification of commodity types, the meaning of the level, the color symbolism is valued by more and more brand packaging, the symbolic color is often not directly extracted from the color characteristics of the content, but according to the consumer's aesthetic taste and taste to be A symbol of the concept of application of color. Clever use of symbolic color modulation personalized brand packaging.


The symbolic color is mainly used for some attribute of the product or the expression of certain special significance. For example, the Chinese packaging habit uses the red color of the Chinese nation as the dominant color, while the other symbolic colors such as black symbolize the nature of the essence, the white symbolizes purity and comfort, and the green symbol Environmental health. Symbolic color is the auxiliary color of the spiritual supplement and material continuity, is the main color and emphasis on the opposite of the complementary color, played on the main colors and accent color auxiliary color method.


Symbolic color can enhance the tone level, to obtain rich color effects, but in the application should pay attention to color, area, environment, can not be overwhelming.


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