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Clothes, Gift Bags, If You Want To Customize The Ink Drying Faster, It Is Necessary

Jan 12, 2018

Clothes, gift bags, if you want to customize the ink drying faster, it is necessary

Before talking about the clothes gift bag Customized Master Li very carefully for the careless apprentice tidy up the tail, with dry solvent to those damp "database" ink adjusted to a suitable form of printing form, but there are too young apprentice apprentice Will be over-the use of these desiccants In the process of custom-made bag, the simplest result is to do so will lead to too fast drying bag, the loss is not less than damp ink.

The reason to say this is because many young people are dealing with ink drying is too slow, are the direct choice of desiccant, but many times the teacher will first analyze in the end to do so will not have the opposite effect, because if the dry Excessive speed As previously introduced by Chun Yip packaging, many background color due to excessive drying factors, resulting in the back of the printing color problems, the more common is off, not solid.

So a lot of clothes gift bags custom master usually in the material and equipment are idle or scheduled to connect to the compact, for the same purpose is to prevent the ink drying too fast, so that the background has been printed Garment gift bag semi-finished products will not be exposed to the air for a long time, exacerbating the crystallization rate, which is actually another way to accelerate the crystallization of moisture ink, but unfortunately this method takes more time and space, will increase the production Cost, so many young clothes gift bag custom master will choose to add desiccant directly trouble.

Through the gift bags custom made teacher introduced, I believe everyone on the ink drying process and the speed will have a new understanding, if you want to know more industry information or cooperation with Junye Paper Bag Co., Ltd. can be made on the bag if you can call : +8613826291162, and Junye packing E-mail: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Junye packing will reply you as soon as possible.