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Cold Weather, Will Interfere With The Daily Production Of Hardcover Box Manufacturers

Jan 13, 2018

Cold weather, will interfere with the daily production of hardcover box manufacturers

In recent days, Guangzhou and even the country's packaging manufacturers are shrouded in cold weather, do not think it is so easy to sleep in the cold weather, which is custom-made gift box is a glacial period of the blow, in addition to the ink storage problems, Used in the production of packaging is a very important material that must be used, glue, but also one of the details that require close attention, which Junye Xiaobian is in shirting hardcover box manufacturers found a meaningful move to know of.

A couple of days ago, I went back to my shirt hardcover box factory and my coworkers there to talk and clatter, but two apprentices were moving and installing some dry-well-being heaters. 60 square meters of "database" warehouse workshop, and then put four in the production workshop inside, and then do some glue tape on the windows and doors, I asked them what is the big deal, I thought these are the end of the year for the annual meeting Lottery benefits.

They said that these things were bought by the old masters of the shirt hardcover box and then used in the production because a few days ago when we had proofing, some of the cartons appeared sticky, shedding and some not yet Into the machinery and equipment, in the barrel inside a bit hard to the phenomenon, the teacher said, the weather is too low, the adhesive polymer inside the loss or partial loss of the original viscosity.

Since I know the reason, the old master told us to find the shirt hardcover box inside the procurement, so that they buy some heating equipment, so as to avoid any loss, I hope these heating effect on the production of products, Fast If you want to know more about the industry or cooperate with Junye carton manufacturers about custom packaging, please call TEL: +8613826291162, and Junye packing email: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Junye packaging will reply as soon as possible you.