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Common Design Techniques For Paper Gift Box Design

Mar 21, 2018

The artistic nature of paper gift box is reflected through packaging design. To sum up, there are mainly six types of paper gift box design methods that can achieve the purpose of art packaging to some extent.


1. Series method: Series method is one of the most commonly used methods in paper gift box. In fact, it is in the form, product name, color, type, material, combination of different products on the same package to form a series of state.


2. Combination method: The combination method does not focus on the goods and packaging itself, but focuses on the customer's convenience and ease of use. According to national customs and habits or regional cultural characteristics, certain specific products are sold together. The commonly used combination methods include: gift combinations, use combinations, psychological combinations, suit combinations, and the like. Such as the text of the four treasures plus seal inkpad package, travel health bags, female handbags and so on.


3. Bionic method: It is based on the biological image, structure, function, color, material, texture, effect to design paper gift box, so that the package product has biological morphology and structure, characteristics and similarities, so as to give consumers life, Vigor, vitality and other feelings stimulate consumer desire to purchase and implement their purchasing behavior.


4. The simplified method. Simple is a kind of beauty. Due to the changes of the times and the renewal of values, aesthetic consciousness, psychological needs, production techniques, transportation methods, handling methods, packaging materials and technologies, people have always been pursuing concision and visual paper gift box.


Of course, there are many ways to embody the artistic quality of commodity paper gift box. The above four are the most commonly used methods. They have actually played a role in enhancing the artistic quality of commodity packaging.