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Cosmetic Bags Manufacturer Will Have What Ink For Paper Bag Printing

Dec 28, 2017

Cosmetic bags manufacturer will have what ink for paper bag printing?

About 13 years, Junye packaging cosmetic bag manufacturers as a result of personnel changes, the teacher to some new employees and general staff to popularize some of the cosmetics packaging process of making some small knowledge and try to happen, I happened to be in the paper bag Manufacturers to rub the two days of knowledge teaching, which opened up the door to my new world, the original ink used in handbags made there are several, because in my inherent impression, the ink is brushing on the substrate , Make cosmetics bags more colorful only, to the cosmetics bag manufacturers know these are unique.


As I sat down and listened to the teacher's clothes of cosmetic bag manufacturers, I just talked about the flat panel inks. The old master said: The flat panel inks are very simple and apply to printing inks on most of the entire paper. Is through the principle of oil and water incompatible mutually exclusive to make ink printing graphic lines more lipophilic, otherwise it is hydrophilic, so with each other in order to ink well printed on the top of the bag.


After I got a good idea of ink inks, I got a better understanding of this area of expertise. Normally, if the type of ink is created according to the needs of different hand bags, a qualified Cosmetics bags manufacturers need to keep a variety of custom needs of the ink type, not only to reassure customers, but also make cosmetic bag manufacturers operating master rest assured, or use other printing features of the ink, it is likely Produce different consequences.

I hope this little knowledge about flat panel inks can improve your understanding of ink for cosmetic bag manufacturers. Do not think the ink is the same as I used to. In fact, they also distinguish many types of products. If you want to know more information about the industry Alternatively, if you are printing with Junye Packaging Paper Bag, you can call TEL:+8613826291162, and Junye Packaging Company's Email: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Junye Packaging will reply you as soon as possible.