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Cosmetics Bags If It Is Gold And Silver If The Factory Weighs 2 Kinds Of Desiccant

Jan 26, 2018

Cosmetics bags if it is gold and silver if the factory weighs 2 kinds of desiccant

Remember the first time I came to Junye packaging factory, I feel very fresh and curious about everything, especially like to go to the "database" of cosmetic bags factory run, because there are a variety of ink materials and also used in those Shouwan Dai Doing the recording on the data, not to mention looking at how happy, and occasionally the teacher will lead me and a few apprentices into, teach us how to look at these "database" number information, as well as some knowledge of ink, which I Of these two kinds of desiccant particularly memorable.

These two are desiccants most current cosmetic bag factories will use. One is called dry red oil and the other is white dry oil. The reason why I can remember so profoundly is that when the master hand happened to have Two different hand bags need to be done, one for cosmetic bagging, the paper is a simple single copper paper, and the other is a tea bag, but the bag is something special, it is the surface of the Other specialty paper we process is printed on top of it. It is not finished after printing. The characteristics of the paper have been changed. The pH is not the same, and the ink dries up a bit.

It was at this moment that the master started to get into the right place and said: "The secret of our cosmetic bag factory's difficulty in overcoming this special type of paper is that it's a white bottle of dry oil and he can overcome most of the specialty paper drying Hard problem, and the surface is dry and internal drying is very strong. "" That there over the bottle? "I asked the master, the master glanced:" This is red dry oil, mainly used in the ink layer is relatively thin When it's thick, it just needs a dry paper bag. "When I heard the old master, I asked one of my words I remembered in my life:" Then we all use white dry oil, and he can adapt to specialty paper The surface and interior, why the red dry oil, it will not expire no one use it. "

After listening to the teacher just smiled and looked at me: "Since it is placed in the cosmetic bag factory database, indicating that he must be useful, but this is a lot of beginners will make mistakes, today is mainly to tell you a few, White dry oil is not able to be used in gold and silver ink, because gold and silver ink encountered white dry oil, both have a strange phenomenon, the ink is dim. "I suddenly felt," Born me Material will be useful, "the true meaning of this sentence, red dry oil has the advantages of red dry oil, while the White Dry Oil, although powerful, but there are deficiencies, can not be vain judgment. If you want to know more about the industry information or suitable for Junye packaging paper bags custom made, then you can call TEL:+8613826291162, and Junye packing e-mail: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Junye packaging will answer your questions as soon as possible.