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Cosmetics Box Factory Master And Business Together To Solve The Problem Of Changing The Box

Feb 28, 2018

Cosmetics box factory master and business together to solve the problem of changing the box

Junye industry box manufacturers foreign trade salesman received a make-up company in mid-last year, in order to celebrate the company many anniversary activities, consumers want to buy the site to build a printed on top of the Arabic numerals denominated in cash feedback Amount of cosmetic boxes, but in order to prevent some ulterior motives, the amount above the beach want us to give some professional advice, there is no way to avoid, want to cosmetics box factory from the source of cosmetics packaging to stop this behavior.

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The beginning of the cosmetics box factory master also said with the salesman, can not be made into numerical, made of English letters is best, because more letters, others change is also troublesome, but also more likely to expose the traces of forgery, but salesman Also said that customers adhere to the number of reasons, because a string of English inside, the figures appear, people's eyes will be attracted by these figures, give more attention to let more people know about this.

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Cosmetics box factory master think for a moment, it can only be in the ink to him choose water-resistant ink, water-soluble ink can effectively prevent the alcohol and water changes, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing alterations, and secondly You can keep presenting the content in Arabic numbers, but the ink for this additive may be a bit more expensive and less expensive than regular inks, so customers are a bit psychologically prepared.

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Junye newspaper salesman and the customer said, the customer said: "I also know that the cost of such a request will be higher, so the price is reasonable, within the acceptable range." Through this cooperation, I hope in the future more More customers with this idea, consider the advantages of water-based inks, if you want to prevent the greedy, not just the carton in the bag printing can also be used like this. If you want to know more about the industry information or find Junye packaging custom cosmetics gift box, then you can call TEL: +8613826291162, and Junye packing e-mail: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Junye packaging will reply you as soon as possible.