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Design Standard And Principle Of Making Gift Box

Apr 16, 2017

The gift is good, not important, out to the people of the moment is the most important, if not pretty Gift packing box Will greatly reduce the grade of the gift, so now people for gift packaging box design requirements more and more, gift box also has a higher standard. So, what is the gift box design standard and principle?

In our traditional culture, festivals, different occasions gifts requirements are different, different gifts, gift box made of nature is different, such as the Mid Autumn Festival gift is the moon cake, and the Spring Festival gift for special purchases for the Spring Festival. Gift box making, should according to the production time, different market demand and the advantages and disadvantages are scientific and effective market positioning.

The market orientation of scientific products is conducive to the increase of market share, gift box making industry as well. Manufacturers can clear market positioning according to the demand of the market and its own advantages, and improve the professional level and gift box for production, to the greatest extent possible to meet the needs of the market, occupy the market in a short period of time.

Color packaging gift box is the key, the choice of color ribbon, gold and silver are all-match color; several double bow overlap, with gold or silver backing is the most beautiful. The ribbon must meet the color of the wrapping paper, gift box ribbons had better use in packaging paper? The choice of color, the same color can also be. Such as packaging paper is purple, purple and blue ribbon available.

Can shorten the production cycle of a new gift box packaging production, including market research, design, production preparation and formally put into production and a series of production process. The gift box packaging standard, make the gift box packaging products have a variety of criteria to simplify the production process, saves raw materials and reduces the consumption of labor.

A simplified gift box packaging specifications gift box packaging standard for mechanical continuous production, a gift box packaging can adapt to various needs, suitable for large-scale industrialized production, improve labor productivity, reduce production costs, but also ensure the quality.

The gift box can effectively improve the management level of gift box packaging gift box packaging standardization needs to formulate a series of technical standards, work standards and management standards, which can promote the enterprise to carry on the design, production, inspection and other management activities around these standards, improve the management level of gift box packaging.

Gift box is the design standard and principle, design of packing box not to follow these standards and principles, to meet people's aesthetic, to have a mandatory requirement of innovation. A product Witkey network to provide packaging box design, gift box, cosmetic packaging design services, if you need the box design, then to a product Witkey network publishing task needs.