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Designing A Garment Bag Is Necessary To Master Routines

Jun 25, 2018

“Rule” is one of the “hot words” popular on the Internet in recent years. As a manufacturer of clothing shopping bags, here are some “routines” that need to be mastered. Several points need to be noted, at least not guaranteed there will be a big problem.


We mentioned that Hermes would consciously think of Hermes Orange and Tiffany would associate Tiffany Blue. This is because in the course of a hundred years of development, the brand has formed an intrinsic impression in the minds of consumers, which closely relates color to the brand.

In a particular scenario, it will evoke the analogy of consumers and exert a subtle influence on consumers, leading to transactions. Having said so much, that is, prompting the clothing brand to design a paper bag, it is necessary to conceive a special color for the paper bag, which is conducive to the formation of a brand of imagination. Of course, if there is really no good idea, you can use black, white, rice, gray, these kinds of universal colors.

In fact, “brain residue powder” has gradually evolved into a neutral word on the Internet, without any pejorative image, but it still shows fans’ fanaticism about beans and the necessity of the fan’s economy. Now, with the proliferation of various media, variety shows, and live broadcast platforms, a batch of net reds have been born. Fans are willing to pay for things that are related to them, so they cleverly fight in the design of garment bags. Some wipe the ball, in fact, is also very good for marketing.