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Does The Paper Clothing Tag Need To Be Covered?

May 30, 2018

Laminating film is a surface processing process after printing the paper tag. It is a transparent plastic film that is applied to the surface of the paper clothing tag by hot pressing to protect and increase the gloss. In terms of appearance, if you do not look closely, there is not much difference between coated and uncoated paper tag, and the price is very different. Custom coated tag is double the price of film-free tag. Businesses are puzzled, in the end whether it should add laminating process for the tag?



As a packaging and printing company that specializes in packaging and printing for 17 years, Junye Packaging Factory believes that if the cost is within the budget, it should be added to the trademark hangtag. Why do you say this? Consumers are picky. If the “brand name card” of the clothing tag is ordinary, it will also associate with the general quality of the product, resulting in a reduction of consumers’ desire to buy. You know, friends who are accustomed to shopping can tell whether they are covered or not at a glance.


The so-called details are even more distinguished. Now let's compare the coated paper tag with the uncoated paper tag, and you will clearly know the difference between them. Through the film clothing tag, uncoated film, cutting surface more fragile, there is a little paper foam. The light-colored cutting edges tend to stick to the dark-colored bottom. After the tag is coated with a film, the handle is smooth, waterproof, anti-fade, and easy to tear. In addition, the surface of the coated tag can clearly see that bright shiny.

Although the coated paper tag can highlight high-quality details, the lamination process is a professional job after all. If it is not done well, bubbles or white spots will appear. This is due to the fact that the surface of the pre-laminated tag will have some small particles and small dust on the surface. This will add a layer of bright white plastic film to the surface, which will show the white spots inside. Another point is that when the laminator is in operation, the film and the glue contain some dust in the air. If they are not removed, the white paper and small bubbles will appear when the tag's paper is covered with the film. Although these problems are Inevitably, these little white spots are more, and the production of the clothing tag comes mostly because of the quality.


Therefore, when selecting a tag manufacturer, it is necessary to polish both eyes and find a professional printer manufacturer.