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Earrings Gift Box If The Custom Mineral Can Be Replaced By This Ink Will Be More Environmentally Friendly

Jan 25, 2018

Earrings gift box If the custom mineral can be replaced by this ink will be more environmentally friendly

In the previous Junye industry box manufacturers and the boss also on environmental remediation as well as the introduction of policies on the issue of some of the ink production and environmental standards also followed the policy has been improved at some time ago also introduced a series of remediation packaging Although the paper industry's approach to paper gift packaging manufacturers is not particularly deep, and brought the market prospects, but if the paper packaging industry itself does not improve the environmental protection when printing earrings gift box custom, it is sooner or later eliminated.


Previously, there was an improvement on printing for environmental protection, which was adopted by the boss and the teacher in charge of earring gift boxes. The news about the vegetable oil ink industry was also introduced about 2 to 3 times, but in fact, Is a relatively serious challenge because environmental issues, many of the inherent industrialization of technology are beginning to be limited, the new vegetable oil is not so in-depth understanding, so that those master specifically asked these related supplies Business took some information to the designer to see, when Junye packaging is responsible for the custom designer earrings gift box, after reading it to know that this is a meaningful change.

One of them introduced that at the same amount of water, vegetable oil, whether it is adding water or stopping adding water, is better than any other mineral oil with high pollution, especially in the case of adding water At the time, the oils of these vegetable oils were able to feel and react more efficiently, and the viscosity of these inks stopped settling down quickly after stopping the addition of water. The recovery process was very rapid, Designers are really unexpected.

Although these vegetable oil in the water and stop adding water on the very good adaptability, but also in the environmental performance is also consistent with a lot of business needs customized earrings gift box, but after all, this is still a relatively new ink, it will take some time Reduce costs, and observe whether there will be other adverse reactions, I hope there will be a variety of environmentally friendly inks can also be born, if you want to know more industry information or with the industry and custom packing box can call TEL: +8613826291162, and Junye packaging e-mail: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Junye packaging will reply to you as soon as possible.