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General Custom Paper Packaging Process And Process

Aug 13, 2018

As a professional custom paper packaging manufacturer, there will be a standardized packaging production process. So what is its production process?

General custom paper packaging process and process

First,determine the custom paper box type. The general box type has a heaven and earth cover box, a folding box, a drawer box, a book box and the like.

Second, determine the material: general materials are coated paper, kraft paper, art paper and so on. The prices of different materials are different, the prices of different brands are different, and the prices of different thicknesses are different. Of course, their quality must be different. The requirements of custom paper packaging materials for Junye packaging manufacturers have always been quality guaranteed and affordable.

Third, the first impression of the appearance. Paper packaging can be designed by us or youreslf .Generally,if you understand the use of the process, it can reduce some of the tyranny of printing, can be simple and elegant, but also save costs. Generally, we will make some suggestions after we get the manuscript.

Fourth, printing technology: printing is not much to say, the more color is more expensive.And the monochrome full-page printing is not the same as the monochrome partial printing price.

Fifth, the process: the latter is mainly the process and punching. The processing of the process includes bronzing, UV, bump, embossing, stringing, and sticking. Different prices for different processes.

Sixth, quality inspection: the quality inspection work is miscellaneous.For example the gift packaging box,produce small problems such as easy ash, ink, etc.In addition,  because we also have export packaging boxes, so we have always been in this regard High requirements, quality inspections are more stringent, try to reduce the customer's loss rate to a lower level.

Seventh, product packaging: There are many ways to package the finished product. The outer side of the craft box will be covered with a film bag and an outer box; the folding box of the packaging box will be wrapped around the film and the floor board or the carton; the number of points in the gift bag and paper card They are neatly arranged, each with a separate film bag.

The above is the approximate packaging process.Of course, different packaging  in some details, will be different. Junye Packaging focuses on packaging for 17 years. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.