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General Packaging Process And Process

Jun 10, 2019

What is the most important thing in the box, it is very important to say it, then what is decisive: Junye Packaging wants to say it is a box type. The typesetting of different box types is different, and the amount of paper used is different. The box must first be determined first and then the box type. Let's briefly talk about the manufacturing process and process of the packaging box:

Determine the material: the price of different materials is different, the price of different brands is also different, the price of different thickness is different, of course, the quality must be different. The requirements for materials in the custom packaging box have always been quality guaranteed and affordable.

General packaging process and process:

General packaging process and process

The first impression of the appearance. If you can understand the use of the process, reduce some of the tyranny of printing, can be simple and elegant, but also save costs. Generally, we will make some suggestions after getting the manuscript.

Printing technology: printing is not much to say, the more the color is more expensive, the monochrome full-page printing is not the same as the monochrome partial printing price.

Process: The latter is mainly the process and punching type, the process of processing bronzing, UV, bump, embossing, stringing, sticking, etc., different processes and different prices.

Quality inspection: The quality inspection work is fine and miscellaneous. The gift packaging box is more manual, it may be ash, ink and other small problems, because we also have export packaging boxes, so we have always been a high demand for this. The selection of quality inspection is strict, and the loss rate of customers should be reduced as much as possible.

Product packaging: There are many ways to package the finished product. The outer side of the craft box will be covered with a film bag and an outer box; the folding box of the packaging box will be wrapped around the film and the floor board or the carton; the number of points in the gift bag and paper card will be placed. Neat, each separate film bag.

Finally, there are other factors, such as local advantages, quantity, first cooperation, or new products. The new products are related to many unknown losses and delays. The latter will also affect the progress due to new products, and the cost will be wasted.