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Gift Bags For Clothes If The Ink Dries Quickly, The Manufacturer Will Handle It

Jan 12, 2018

Gift bags for clothes If the ink dries quickly, the manufacturer will handle it

In November of last year, it was 2017. At that time, Junye Xiaobian to go to clothes gift bag manufacturers continue to learn some new knowledge, to the factory after the packaging plant to see Master Li in the ink to add some solvent, although I do not know What things, but watching Master Li is very carefully poured into it, and then stirring, I feel the handbag made to order very carefully, with this question to ask the master learned that the original is learned.

The master found a problem when these batches of ink were ready for use on the machine. The ink may be stored in the "database" of clothing gift bag manufacturers may not be properly sealed young workers, leading to these inks, especially the upper half of the basic Is damp, because the store of the "gift box" manufacturer of the gift bag is relatively tight, so the temperature is at a constant temperature, but the inside of the ink is not sealed and has operated once in a colder environment in the past. The temperature of the ink itself is colder, so there will be condensation of the heated gas into a liquid resulting in the phenomenon of damp ink.

Therefore, the master of the gift bag manufacturer, said: "Although the environment of the bag factory is getting better and better, the equipment is slowly getting advanced, but people are becoming lazy. These apprentices are not as good as we used to Diligent, because many things have computers, systems, automated things to do, but even such small details are not doing well, now use these inks, found that there is a problem, no way to dry in time, so I help them to rub Ass. "Then he went to open the doors and windows of the printing plant, start heat engine.

Looked back at the haggard back of Master Lee, indeed feel the times are improving, even if these devices and computer systems and then advanced, but people do not keep up with the development of the times, but regress, it is indeed a sad phenomenon. If you want to know more about the industry or handbags and Junye bag custom handbags, then you can call Phone: +8613826291162, and Junye packaging E-mail: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Junye packaging will reply you as soon as possible.