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Gift Box In The Design Need To Pay Attention To The Details Of The Problem

Jul 26, 2017

Box, the use of not only used to store goods, but also play a brand promotion of an effect, do a good job in the design of the box, the value of the brand can be less effective. Moreover, a good box design can enhance the consumer's desire to buy, drive a good sales. And a good box design, we must clear the characteristics of cartons, so as to be able to use science.

Gift box

First, the box design theme to be clear

Box design theme to be clear, designed to meet product characteristics, when a product box lack of theme, it will lose the same type of product, in the sales path will be a big buckle. Packaging box should not be inside, inside will not cause a sense of deception, it is difficult to have repeat customers.

Second, the box design to be realistic

Box to be based on the actual situation to design, can not go through the "shortcut", through more shortcuts will make the product flashy, excessive modification is difficult to guarantee product quality, often criticized by others.

Third, the box design to meet the needs of the trend

Although the packaging design is the enterprise positioning, but the positioning had to meet the trend of environmental protection, an environmentally friendly packaging box will be more attractive to consumers to understand, get consumer recognition, such as the product is related to green , Which can be designed as environmentally friendly recycled packaging, so that not only can protect the exchange, but also can be protected product nature.

Do the packaging design needs to design inspiration, packaging costs, consumer rational or emotional purchase, life discovery, etc., as long as we focus on these details, you can do a good job of packaging design.