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Green Food Packaging Design Should Pay Attention To Three Elements

Apr 16, 2017

The text is the punchline of packaging design. The font of the art charm, can be combined with words and graphics, words and letters. If the export of green food can be used with the traditional color of calligraphy art, the domestic sales of the products can be used in modern font deformation processing. In addition, green design green food packaging is also easy to ignore the problem, judging from the current market, green arrangement of some green food packaging is not standardized, does not comply with the relevant standards in the "manual". For example, some of the packaging Chinese green food development center to use the green food logo "font arbitrary changes etc.. At the same time, standard word mark, there are strict rules, layout design and green packaging between the subject matter should also pay attention to the reasonable location and size. In general, green, green food name text, name, manufacturer, capacity and other basic text are arranged in the main display on the surface of packing. The function of text data, text editing on the side or on the back of the package, and require the use of regular print.


Packaging patterns tend to occupy most of the packaging of the screen, and even occupy the entire screen, so the pattern and position in the picture is very important in packaging. Graphics as a design language, is to put the image of the internal and external factors manifested in the form of visual images to convey information to consumers. Is the important role of graphic design: it is in the form of art will package content theme image, people vision alone can be an intuitive graphical pattern, directly or indirectly, feel the product content and the needs of desire. Such as milk powder packaging graphic pattern design can be more concrete, lively and healthy style, said the health and nutrition effect, give people a sense of vitality; green food pattern design export can be used China features of traditional culture symbol, embodying the characteristics of traditional delicacy.


Color is an important factor to beautify and highlight the product. The use of packaging color is the whole picture and design conception, composition closely. It takes people's habit of Lenovo and color as the basis, highly exaggerated and discoloration, is a means of packaging art. In the green food packaging, different colors represent different functions such as green food, aquatic products, beverage of green food should be used with a cool, quiet feeling blue and green design; green food grain, livestock and poultry should be used in design of red and yellow are vigorous and positive feelings. The color design of green food packaging should reflect the content and nature of green food, to meet the psychological needs of consumers. The change trend of designers to study consumer habits and hobbies as well as international and domestic fashion color, to enrich the visual effect and the effect of packaging consumer desire to buy.