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How About The Custom Paste Box?

Aug 06, 2018

The common custom paper boxes are usually custom paste boxes, which are more elaborate and require certain technical and technical cooperation. If the handling is not good, the details of the custom gift box made are not ideal. Let's talk about the details of the custom paste box.

How about the custom paste box?

Paste box refers to the use of adhesive to paste the fabric on wood or gray board and other materials, the outer layer of the material is the paste fabric. In addition, the paste fabric is different, and the paste material is different, and even the same paste material thickness is different, and the glue used is different. For example, the common Apple mobile phone box belongs to the category of the paste gift box. The cover is semi-automatic equipment production, and the bottom is automatic equipment production. The upper and lower covers are mainly white cards, and the cost itself is cheap. The convex part of the surface is machine swell, and the box type can adopt a folded structure, but the degree of fit is not so good. In addition, it is not necessary to use glue, but it is best to use 3M grade double-sided tape.

The shelf life of the paste box is longer than that of the common gift box. The shelf life of the gift box varies from six months to one year depending on the glue. The paste box can often be stored for one year in the dry condition. Therefore, the price of one point is good, and the good product packaging can reflect the value in all aspects. We work with many first-line brands, and the quality is of course excellent, and there are a large number of boxes to choose from. If you need, you can contact us at any time.