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How Mask Mask Manufacturers Defeat Low-Cost Flexible Packaging?

Jan 24, 2018

How Mask Mask Manufacturers Defeat Low-Cost Flexible Packaging?

Masks can be described as essential for women in today's society, skin care products, but the mask on the market quality varies, all kinds of packaging is varied, there are only a simple package of flexible packaging sealed bulk masks, there are facial mask to find the box Manufacturers or mask boutique manufacturers tailor-made for their own mask of a box, they do so apparently only with a soft package to cover the mask to find cheaper and more mask boutique box manufacturers to do the cost of box packaging Higher, on the surface of the latter there is no price advantage, competitiveness has greatly weakened, but the fact is really like this?

According to Junye packaging exchange with a large number of facial mask business experience gained over the years, the original market is indeed not looking for mask manufacturers to do box box of low-cost businesses more popular, due to the cheaper cost mask, and gross profit Is the cost of more than 400% or more, but also their materials are not necessarily guaranteed So from the price to find mask boutique box manufacturers to do business during that time is a lot of trouble, small and medium-sized mask a few businesses Degree is facing collapse.

However, the drawbacks of low-cost merchants who do not find a box manufacturer of mask tops appear gradually. In August 2015, there was a huge impact impact on the industry caused by a fluorescent mask. Consumers once treated the mask Talking about the color change, low-cost low-cost business mask is even more concern, after all, is affixed to the face of the things, a humble soft-packaged goods to consumers is a great mistrust, in this After the incident, many consumers are concerned about their own health and safety, buy when you buy mask mask manufacturers want to buy a box of products, can be described as long drought every mannose, those who have to find mask boutique manufacturers cooperation Mask business gradually fire up.

Junye industry box manufacturers today to share with you about this mask product box manufacturers and business exchange between the experience just do not know if you let everyone know something, if you want to know more information or cooperate with Junye packaging, You can call the hotline: +8613826291162, and Junye packing e-mail: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Junye packaging will reply to you as soon as possible.