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How To Choose The Gift Box Packaging Materials

Apr 16, 2017

People rely on clothes, beauty by beautiful dress, the same delicate Gift packing box On sale gifts also play a very important role, especially to attract consumers, increase the added value of products, and promote the enterprise's brand. New packaging manufacturers, professional design and production of exquisite gift box for 14 years, with rich experience in the design of packaging production, packaging manufacturers Junye senior business manager has to share the packing box manufacturers is very wide in the choice of gift box packaging materials available.

In the high-end gift box packaging material selection, paper containers (boxes, paper tube) still occupy the most important position, leather, wood, plastics, metal materials, the proportion of increase than in the past, bamboo, willow, grass and other natural materials are less used. For some high-end gifts and wood packaging materials. Through its natural temperament and civilization. 

With Wine packing box As an example. In the wine package plan when based on the characteristics of village and reflect the dense wine culture, wine in the packing box plan uses many wood materials to manufacture wine packaging box, and joined the red wine bottle with straw raw material in foil matte box wine. Red wine reflects the characteristics of dense village civilization out. Do the wine package plan and wine harmonious civilization together.

The paper carton container has certain advantages, according to the gift of different level, there is also the difference between the selection of materials: 1, low grade gift packaging carton: A, with more than 350 grams of white print Film (plastic film), die forming. B, a little more upscale with 300 grams of white cardboard pasted into paper card printing, laminating and die-cutting again. 2, mid-range gift packaging carton printing surface: choose 250 grams - 300 grams of disposable aluminum foil paper (commonly known as gold, silver, copper card) with 300 grams of white paper for the mounting of a disposable cardboard, printing and die-cutting.

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