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How To Design A Standard Paper Handbag

Jul 24, 2017

Do not look just a small bag, in the design of a lot of knowledge. Carefully observe some of the paper handbag on the market, you will find a lot of discordant factors, the bag is used to accommodate the items, to bring people convenient, so the size of the high requirements, only the size of reasonable, in order to achieve effort the rules. So how do you avoid some of the discordant factors in the design to design a standard paper bag?

 standard papr handbag

1, the overall consideration: the main function of the bag for the two, one, practical function; Second, is the publicity function; in practicality we have to consider the choice of paper and price, the paper should not be too thin, can not afford gravity; Thick, high prices at the same time intolerable fold; in the aesthetic requirements of the paper stiffness and smoothness to be high, consider the best use of 200-300g coated paper best; 2, start the design: starting from each side, all-round look And the beauty of the relationship between the surface, sometimes the side is designed, but in the printing and binding process of the error will let it affect the next side of the beautiful, as shown, the main façade if it is a large background design, In the supine position also need to extend the background in the past;

Paper handbag not only to design exquisite, simple and generous, to provide consumers with convenience, have to achieve the publicity effect, deepen the impression of consumers on the product. Beautifully designed bags will be put it down, customers will be happy to re-use, so that the bag to become the most efficient and inexpensive billboards.