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How To Find High Quality Clothing Packaging Box Manufacturers

Jul 25, 2018

Clothing packaging box play a important role of product sale.Because,it responses the product brand culture and visual image. Therefore, we must find a quality manufacturer when customizing the packaging box. However,how to find the quality factory? Let me tell you.

How to find high quality clothing packaging box manufacturers

First of all, we should check the qualification period.

As the saying goes,the more old ginger is more spicy.The older the clothing packaging box manufacturers, the more raw materials manufacturers have on hand, compared to emerging manufacturers.And they have a great advantage in price.The reason why the long-term clothing packaging manufacturers can stand still is to have a complete set of production procedures, management systems and advanced manufacturing equipment. 

Nowadays, many new factories have sprung up, and at the same time, a large number of manufacturers have changed and closed down due to various problems every year. The ones that can survive are bound to have their own advantages. Therefore, finding a long-term clothing packaging box manufacturer is not far from successfully finding a high-quality clothing packaging box manufacturer.

In Guangdong,there is a over 17 years clothing packaigng box factcory,which is Junye Packaigng.It specializes in all kinds of customized paper boxes,custom paper bag,hang tag,drawstring bag.And Junye packaging is one of the president of Guangdong printing and packaging companies union.

Second, Is it environmentally friendly?

The paper is made of wood.The paper of clothing boxes is made of wood.At the same time,the printing pattern needs ink. And the ink is easy to pollute the environment,if they use non-environmentally friendly inks.

Junye Packaging choose all best material(including the carton),we passed a number of international certification such as TUV/SGS/BV/WCA etc.

Of course, the factors that determine the quality of the clothing packaging manufacturers are far more than the above two points, these two are only the key reference standards. If you need a custom clothing box, please contact junye packaging.