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How To Improve The Value Of The Scarf Gift Box

Aug 27, 2018

How To Improve The Value Of The Scarf Gift Box

It is a common practice for businesses that increasing product prices by increasing the value of product packaging.

So, how to improve the value of the scarf gift box? Now let we tell you.

How to improve the value of the scarf gift box

First of all,choose good materials. The most common materials for scarf gift boxes are coated paper, kraft paper, white cardboard, specialty paper, and so on. Among the paper, the white cardboard is the relatively high-grade.Because the strength of white cardboard is the highest among all custom packaging boxes. This is determined by the physical properties of white cardboard. Designers generally use this scarf gift box for holding high-end scarf . Therefore, in general, the custom gift box of this material is relatively expensive, but the price of coated paper and kraft paper will be relatively low. But there are also special circumstances that are the impact of changes in the packaging materials market.

Second is the professional design. The scarf gift boxes design is the important way to incresing prodcut value ,enhance the competitiveness of goods, and develop the market.Designers should be aware of the necessary packaging process knowledge to make the designed packaging work more functional and aesthetic. Junye Packaging has a mature design team for 17 years, and we are looking forward to dancing with you.

About Junye Packaging

Guangzhou Junye Packaging Industry Co,.Ltd , specializing in scarf gift box ,packaigng box, paper bag, and tag,  was founded in Guangzhou in 2001 .Thanks to our clients' support ,  our business grew steadily  and we scaled up to a standard company from a small workshop since 2004 .  

Today , Junye is more than ever a factory , but it is an integration enterprises with design , sales and manufacture. We has passed TUV , WCA, SGS and some other international testings with good quality and human-based management . In order to strengthen the quality control management and provide better customer service,we implemented production process review management . what is more ,we also spent large amount in developing online order query system ,you may check the production progress and product quality anytime via internet ,in this way , we can also monitor the product quality and production progress, which won unanimous praise from our clients.