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How To Make The Design Of The Exquisite Gift Box More Marketable

Feb 25, 2019

The exquisite gift box is the packaging design of the product. On another level, it is the outerwear of the goods. The modern society pays more and more attention to the value of various items. Like the goods, the higher the value, the more market, so the good The packaging design of the product is very important for both the gift box and the folding gift box. So what are the key points to design a gift box for custom gift box?

How to make the design of the exquisite gift box more marketable

According to certain aspects, the design of the exquisite gift box and the packaging design are more hierarchical. It is the principle that every exquisite gift box designer must follow. Let's take a look at some key points of the exquisite gift box packaging design.

First, the embodiment of culture. In the packaging design of the product, the cultural connotation of the product is the deep meaning of the product, and the packaging that reflects the cultural characteristics of the product is the classic packaging design. Different products have different backgrounds, which have a great impact on the content of packaging design. We can see that the special products in many places reflect the national cultural characteristics of our country.

Second, the text on the package. In any graphic design, the use of text is indispensable, especially in the gift box. The text is the most direct description of the product, especially the Chinese characters, so that the goods have the characteristics of oriental culture, and the personalized Chinese characters are also beautifully packaged. An advantageous condition for achieving good results, such as the packaging of some old-fashioned medicines, the use of traditional Chinese characters or hieroglyphics to perfectly explain the profoundness of Chinese medicine.

Third, the color of the package. After a series of careful selection and matching, the packaging of this product has the most appropriate effect. The promotion of color to the sales of the product cannot be ignored. The color largely affects people's psychology, whether it is Lejia. The color personality or color psychology, applied to the packaging, has a great effect on the appearance of the product and the consumer. A color combination can create a style of packaging.

In addition to the above three points, the packaging design of the exquisite gift box also needs to use some unique materials, such as some materials that look unique, except for corrugated boxes, as well as bamboo, leaves, and metal-colored sequins on the packaging. It is the best decoration for the packaging gift box. From the packaging design of the exquisite gift box, it shows the unique characteristics of the product, so that the packaging product can be more marketable.