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How to save the cost of printing paper for boutique boxes

Jul 27, 2017

The molding of the box, printing paper is very important, there are a variety of types of paper. How to solve this boutique boxes cost?


First, weigh the paper price

First grasp the boutique packaging paper market dynamics. Understand the varieties of paper competitors, price differences, familiar with the characteristics of various varieties and quality status, and keep abreast of changes in the situation, know the latest market prices, so that I know ourselves, victorious.

Second, a reasonable custody of paper, to protect the inventory.

Reasonable protection of boutique box of paper a certain amount of stock, the supply of tight paper and timely procurement and custody. Adequate supply of paper is reduced storage and storage, to avoid excessive storage caused by funds occupied.

Third, the introduction of innovative technology concerned about the development of new printing technology, the introduction of improved efficiency, cost savings of innovative measures to reduce the number of paper losses.

Greatly reducing the quality of the process of printing the number of copies of the printing process, reducing the production of waste paper, while improving the efficiency, and efficiency of the achievements of the cost savings.

Take measures to save the cost of printing paper for the box, and every manufacturer must understand the knowledge.