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Identification Of Underwear Paper Bag Manufacturers Is Formal Or Workshop, Only Need To Use Your Nails

Jan 31, 2018

Identification of underwear paper bag manufacturers is formal or workshop, only need to use your nails

I believe a lot of underwear brand businesses on their own products are very much attention to packaging, the same Junye packaging plant also attaches great importance to the quality needs of businesses, a good handbag packaging can make their products more rows, so that Consumers feel value for money is our common goal of pursuit, but because of the unscrupulous rampant small workshops, but at an ultimatum to provide poor quality gift bag customized services to businesses, in the end a lot of formal underwear paper bag manufacturers are Can not stand such a fierce price attack, underwear brands are also made of such poor packaging know what to do, a waste of time and waste of energy, so how should businesses identify some small workshops can not do the strength of the formal manufacturers do it ? Everything starts with the sample.

Why do you start with the sample, because many small workshops they are impossible for underwear brands to visit their so-called "underwear bag manufacturers," because it is very unfavorable to them, it is possible to see the scene dirty Environment, the business turned away, so the sample is that we can touch in addition to contact with them in addition to the physical contact, the sample although the industry before Chun packaging also said that if some of the bad will deliberately do something of particularly high quality Samples to be fooled, until the big goods when it was a mistake, but these underwear paper bag manufacturers, they are powerful, but crooked mind, and different from the small workshop, small workshop produced no matter how good also can not make particularly high quality sample.

Closer to home, when you get the so-called "underwear paper bag manufacturers," the samples, businesses can actually use their own nails, the surface of these samples, the best election in the bright colors of the Department, scraping, not the next force Dead force, then ink layer is no problem, the paper bag you scratch the first, the intensity of about the same as those scratch the lottery scratch area that time, but to be a little bit more vigorously, if the force appears under this Scratches or directly into the ink into a powder off, and that this is the adhesion of the ink or paper acid-base absorption problems, which is often a lot of small workshops have no way to control the paper they choose usually Is inferior, the ink in order to save money, it is not how to deal with, the performance control of the attachment is almost zero.

So today Junye Paper Bag Factory to tell you this inspection with your delivery of this "underwear paper bag manufacturers" in the end is not a genuine army, or a counterfeit method, hoping to help you need to packaging business, if you want to know more industries Information or cooperation with Junye packaging contract handbag made, then you can call TEL: +8613826291162, as well as Junye packaging e-mail: junye023@junyepackaging.com can leave a message, Junye packaging will reply to you as soon as possible.