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Introduction To The Common Color Of The Box

Nov 12, 2018

Different colors will reflect different packaging styles, reflecting the different packaging meanings. Let's unveil the mystery of different colors together!

Introduction To The Common Color Of The Box


Red is seen as a stimulating and exhilarating color, yellow is a quiet and pleasant color, and blue is portrayed as a depressed and sad color. Compared with mixed colors, these colors produce an actionable, moderately expressive color characterized by indifference, emptiness, balance, seriousness, and quietness. Pure red can show some kind of sublimity, dignity and seriousness.


Yellow is the most radiant color of all hues. When we darken it with gray, black, or purple, it loses this feature. Yellow can be compared to a thicker and thicker white, the thicker or darker the yellowish light, the more it resembles yellow-orange, orange and red-orange. The red color we see is the yellow stop point, the red is invisible yellow, in the middle of the yellow to red ribbon, we see orange, it is the strongest and most concentrated interpenetrating point of light and matter. And there is. Golden yellow shows the highest purity of matter with the power of light. This light is elusive radiation, lacking transparency, but it seems to have no weight because it is completely vibrating.


From the point of view of physical space, as red is always positive, blue is always negative. However, from an invisible spiritual point of view, blue seems to be positive, while red is negative. Blue is always cool and red is always warm. Blue is a shrinking, introverted color. Just as red has a relationship with the blood, the blue is related to the spirit.

Blue is a kind of power that is like the nature of winter, because in winter, all germination and growth are hidden in darkness and silence. Blue is always shaded, it is something that can't be tempered, but it appears as a transparent atmosphere. In the atmosphere of the earth, blue appears the brightest sky blue sky, and the deepest blue-black night sky. Blue evokes our spirit to the infinite spiritual realm with the vibration of faith.


Green is the intermediate color between yellow and blue. The green contains more yellow or more blue, and its performance characteristics change. The meaning of green is fertility, fulfillment, tranquility and hope, as well as the fusion of knowledge and belief. When the bright green is darkened by gray, it is easy to feel sadness and decline. If the green tends to be yellow and enters the yellow-green range, we will feel the youthful vitality of nature. In the spring or early summer morning, if there is no yellow-green, there is no hope and joy for the summer fruit, it is unthinkable.


The mixed color of yellow and red is orange, the focus of maximum brilliance. It has the radiance of the sun in the tangible field, and the reddish orange can achieve the maximum warm and active energy. Festive orange is easy to be proud of the surface exaggeration. When it is diluted, it quickly loses its characteristics; when blended with black, it decays to a fuzzy, silent, and dry brown. By browning this brown, we can get a taupe tone, which creates a warm and kind atmosphere in the quiet room.


Purple is a symbol of piety. When deepening darkening, it is a symbol of superstition. The lurking catastrophe often bursts out from the dark purple. Once the purple is faded, when the light illuminates the devout color of the obscurity, the beautiful and lovely halo will make us fascinated.

Colors make our packaging rich in character, rich and different product characteristics. It makes our lives more interesting. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a reasonable color before custom packaging.